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The Blogher 2012 Awards

13th August 2012

First off, I have to thank my sponsor Chevrolet Canada for making my NYC trip to Blogher possible, and also for giving us some wheels to get there! THANKS SO MUCH!! I APPRECIATE YOU!!

The trip started with a road trip with two of my favorite people, Lindsey and Karen who I love even more after spending five days with them (not sure they would say the same), but they put up with me that long, so that clearly earns them bonus points.  I’m pretty sure we covered every possible topic during our many hours driving to and from NYC – none of us will be running for political office now.

Okay, so yes, technically I’m late with my Blogher post since everyone and their dog has already published theirs, but I blame the Olympics (and general laziness). Here are my overall thoughts on Blogher – it was HUGE (thats what she said). Really, really big and so, so many people. Too many I think, but that much estrogen in one building would make anyone nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I like most females, but the weird ones that push people, and are rude and steal swag from displays are just not my kind of females. Thankfully, most everyone I met were real sweeties, and had a great, fun vibe which just happens to be the exact vibe you need in NYC. Will I go next year? Probably not – it’s very close to my birthday, and I’d rather spend my 40th in NYC.

Yes, that gives you an entire year to plan the perfect birthday gift for me. You’re so welcome.

In the meantime, I would like to share my best of list for Blogher 2012.

BEST ROOMIES: Lindsey and Karen, although technically, the lovely Karen wasn’t officially a roomie, but she makes a great crasher. Also, she snores louder than I do, so thanks for that, Karen.

BEST NYC STREET SHOPPING: I’ve been looking for sunglasses that would look good on my face FOREVER, and I finally found some for $10 at a street vendor. Seriously, how can you resist me?

BEST JERSEY ACCENT: I liked Heather before talking to her, but I like her more now, because she sounds like Snooki, minus the dirty, drunk, leopard print tights factor. Also, she laughs at my jokes, so she’s a keeper.

BEST DANCER: I have NEVER seen someone bounce/jump/dance this much consistently for HOURS before Sparklecorn. Sam wins the award for best dancer hands down and if she can get someone to videotape her doing that for 30 minutes, she may just have the next big thing in fitness videos. Also, that is some funny, funny shit.

BEST Snub Comeback: You know when someone looks right at you, smiles and makes small talk and you’ve been talking to them on Twitter for three years and they have NO IDEA who  you are? That is the social media snub at it’s best – Karen snubbed me the first night of Blogher – we had a convo and she smiled politely and I knew she had no idea who I was. I thought it would be fun not to say a thing until she figured it out. Two days later, she  full on attacked me with her huge smile and kind of dirty hug, so I forgave her. I kind of love her.

SWEETEST Blogger: Hands down – the lovely Elaine is a doll.

Best Keynote: Martha wins, with Katie Couric a close second.

BEST Snark/Champagne Buddy: Emma is just funny as hell and I just want to figure out ways to spend many hours just hanging out with her because she is cool. Total girl crush.

BEST Cupcakes – sugar never tasted so good.

BEST Art: By best, I mean strangest because I still don’t get it at all. I love a great museum, so I took some time to check out the MOMA since it was so close to the hotel. No offense to Marcel Broodthaers, but “Belgian Lion” or “found object in frying pan” makes no sense to me. My 5yo leaves found objects all over the place, so technically I am living in a messier version of a modern art museum. Goldmine! YES!


Did you go to Blogher? Did you like? Will you go next year??

The Lysol Booth At Blogher 2012

7th August 2012

I’m back from Blogher in NYC and I had a great time. I’ll have a post about it in the next couple of days, but until then I wanted to share a video with you.

While at the Expo, someone (and I’m sorry but I can’t remember who it was), suggested I check out the Lysol booth and ask them if they know a song.

So I did.

And here’s what happened.

Clearly, the most entertaining booth at the expo.

Good times.

My Blogher Advice For Blogher 2012

10th July 2012

Back in 2010, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Blogher in New York City, or what I like to call, My Four Days of Sanity Tour.

Thankfully, I’m going again this year and am super psyched it’s back in NYC!

It of course makes perfect sense that since I have attended ONE Blogher conference in total, I am absolutely qualified to share my worldly Blogher knowledge – with you. Enjoy and take notes.


  • I’ll begin with the obvious – wear COMFORTABLE shoes. You will walk A TON, and you will need to wear something you can run in when you’re mowing down people at the Expo to get to that pen you so desperately need and can’t live without.
  • Wear what you love to wear – just leave your Easter bonnets at home.
  • Do not leave home without a CARDIGAN – obviously. Also, because the hotel is chilly and nipple action in photographs is so 2004.
  • Wear some good sturdy underwear – it’s damn hot and humid in NYC and thongs will only contribute to painful chaffing action. Or you could wear thongs and we’ll know why you’re walking funny.

The Hotel

  • The hotel is actually very nice and in a great location, so WIN. However, the elevators may break you – prepare yourself for the longest elevator waiting times you will ever experience. Now get over it and use it as a time to chat with your neighbour. Also, bicep curls while holding your bags of swag is very productive.
  • The hotel bar in the lobby is the place to be late at night. Don’t want to go to sleep because these are the only four days you get to be sans kids for at least a year? Well then I’ll see you there (bring your pennies – the cocktails are tasty, but not cheap).
  • Be nice to the staff – because being rude to people makes you an asshole. Also, they have access to your toothbrush when you’re not around. Remember that when you’re brushing your teeth and tasting toilet water.

The Conference

  • Oh yes, the real reason we’re in NYC (nope it’s not the shopping). It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this conference isn’t possible without the hours and hours of hard work and preparation of some amazing people (no I don’t work for Blogher). So appreciate it and check out the sessions and events, and all that it has to offer. The keynote speakers (hello Katie Couric and Martha Stewart), the Voices of the Year – it’s all just too good. By the way, you heard about the Colin Firth/Magic Mike Final Keynote right? 
  • Don’t just show up in NYC without some preparation first – Sit down and figure out the schedule and what you want to attend in terms of sessions, etc. Figure out the parties you can’t miss and all that jazz ahead of time so you don’t feel completely lost when you get there.
  • Introduce yourself! But remember, introducing yourself is a two part process. For example,

1. “HI, I’m Maria! (Followed by the blank-who-is-this-chick stare).

2. “Online, I’m BORED Mommy (Ding, ding, ding – OH, Hi! How are you?!!).

I’m not kidding – I did this every single time I met someone new. People you haven’t met in real life won’t know what you look like or who the bleep you are until you’re face to face, and staring at each other’s nametags. Don’t be offended by that, it’s just reality. Think of it as a blind date, but with less groping.

  • Don’t skip meals, no matter how tired/hungover/lazy you feel. This is the perfect time to meet other ladies and see if they chew with their mouth closed.
  • Travel in Pairs/Packs – Every year, you hear the same complaint about people being clique-y – I don’t agree with that. It’s just natural that you want to be around people you know and/or are comfortable with. If you’re shy or easily overwhelmed by thousands of women you don’t know, then make plans to conquer those moments with your roommate/girlfriend/bestie. Don’t miss out on a great weekend – be confident and tell yourself that you belong there as much as anyone else, because you do. Yes, this is a sarcastic free bullet point. You are welcome.


  • Blogher weekend is party overload – tons of official parties, and tons of unofficial and private parties. It is literally impossible to go to everything, so don’t even try. Go to some, skip others and have fun regardless.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss Sparklecorn – it is a four hour dance party and just crazy fun.
  • Don’t get too drunk and end up in some weird, compromising situation because we are a people obsessed with the internet. Yes, your fellow bloggers can also be your worst nightmare/paparazzi.
  • Don’t forget or lose those drink tickets you will get at the start of the conference – those babies are prized and will save you some money at the parties. Also, use them to trade for electronics and designer handbags with the drunk people who don’t know what is happening until it’s too late. Ahem.


You need a ton of stuff in that oversized (I’m going to try to fit in every piece of swag known to man in here on the way home) suitcase. Including:

  • Cell phone, laptop, ipad, chargers
  • Business cards – if you forget, just bring a permanent marker and write your info on their cleavage
  • Clothing – no really, because that would suck
  • Shoes, supportive underwear, nude pantyhose (one of these things is not like the other)
  • Camera
  • Schedule
  • Cab fare x 4 days – it’s more than you think, I promise you
  • Canadian flag decals – put these on so people don’t have to ask you why you’re so nice, polite and apologetic
  • Lysol wipes – no really, bring an entire container, and wipe down your room (and roommates) before unpacking a thing. You’re welcome said the germaphobe.
  • Heavy Duty, XL garbage bags – Double as obscenely large carry-alls, for the SWAG of course.
  • A copy of Fifty Shades of Grey (or other dirty book)  – for a weird/spontaneous (yes dirty books make you smart) book club and also so you can actually READ IT before you constantly tweet about how much it sucks. Seriously, that’s how reading works. Read first, speak later.

But I digress.

Oh look, Bruce Jenner.

Oh, and if nothing else, just remember this and you’ll be fine:

See you there.

Not In Switzerland and This Week On Babble Kid Scoop

22nd October 2011

I may be slightly grouchy (see self portrait left), because I am NOT in Switzerland. I say this because the husband is.

I’m not complaining one bit – after all I have piles and piles of dirty laundry keeping me company. Also, new episodes of Real Housewives totally help.

And caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine!

I’ve been a little quiet over here this week again (and last) but with the husband away, sick kids, Babble, some other freelance work that I’m doing, plus annoying things like dishes and dust bunnies, I’ve been a bit out of sorts.

Basically, I’m saying DON’T LEAVE ME!!! This week will be better!!

So, in the meantime, check out what I’ve been writing over at Babble:

Have any pet peeves as a Mom? I do

Looking for great Kid stuff on Etsy? Here’s 25 fab Etsy shops for Kid stuff!!

A Letter to All Husbands (or Dude, you’re NOT the babysitter)

Fear of Dying was NOT in the Baby Books

Playdates Suck, no?

Have you had to limit your little gamer?

Looking for some great Cookbooks for cooking for and with kids?

Stop Judging Other Moms


Perpetually Terrified

19th October 2011

Yesterday, I posted a blog on Babble Kid Scoop (why yes, I do blog there, thank you for asking), titled Fear of Dying Was NOT in the Baby Books. I wrote about how becoming a mother has made me very afraid of anything related to death, especially my own mortality. It’s true, I think about it all the time, daily even. It’s exhausting to be “perpetually terrified” (my lovely new friend Candace said that in her comment on the Babble post, and I thought it fit how I feel perfectly). I’ll be honest, I don’t talk about this kind of thing EVER, but after experiencing these feelings for over eight years, I thought it might be time to get it out. I’m not sure why, but I sat down and wrote that post very quickly, and hesitated about posting it. I was worried about the reaction, truth be told.

Within the hour, the post had hundreds of hits, and many great, supportive comments. I was shocked, because every person who commented spoke of having experienced similar feelings, and here I thought I was the only one. Seriously. It was a very liberating feeling.

For me, this is why I started blogging. I needed a community of people that I could relate to, commiserate with, learn from. That is what blogging and Twitter and social media has done for me. It’s a wonderful thing, not to feel alone about one’s experience as a mother, as a woman, as a person.

So I guess the point of this post was to say a big thank you for your support, here and on Babble and Twitter and wherever we may interact. I appreciate you!

What to Take to Blissdom Canada 2011

10th October 2011

Blissdom Canada is coming, Blissdom Canada is coming.

If you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard about Blissdom Canada since people have been counting down for weeks now. And here we are three days away (THREE SLEEPS!!) and it’s time to start packing – or at least think about packing.

I saw Loukia’s post about what to take to blogging conferences, so I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know what I’m taking to Blissdom because I know you are just DYING to know.

What BOREDMommy is taking to Blissdom Canada (also known as her annual four days of freedom):

  • iPhone – I sleep with the thing, so it’s not really a debate
  • Business cards
  • My new squeaky bras (Have you heard? I bought some Calvin Klein bras that literally squeak whenever I move – so if you think you heard my chestal region squeak, you are CORRECT!
  • WINE
  • Deodorant – because I want to smell fresh for my roomie, Lindsey
  • Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans – thanks to my lovely sponsor, Old Navy Canada
  • Camera
  • Notebook and pen – SO much better than a silly iPad (insert iPad envy here)
  • Colin Firth action figure
  • Starbucks card, loaded with many, many lattes
  • My uniform x 4 days – jeans, cardigans and flats
  • Cute pjs, in case I happen to run into some fabulous, semi-drunk women in my room at some point
  • Mints – I want to make sure my breath is minty fresh, when we’re making out.
  • My kissy face supplies – see pic above.
  • AND the last one, courtesy of my five year old – “Mommy, don’t forget your underwears, in case you pee yourself!”
See You There, Girlies!!!

What up, Weekend – my week in review

8th October 2011

Gobble Gobble!

So it’s been a tad quiet over here while I’ve tried to get things done, stuff organized and still juggle a few new things while the man friend was travelling this week.

The boring stuff – cleaning, laundry, dishes, bathrooms, etc.

The mandatory stuff – chauffeuring kids back and forth to school, swimming, chess club, etc…

The fun stuff – two words: BLISSDOM CANADA. It’s coming quick and there is a ton to do beforehand.


The new stuff – my new BABBLE blogging on Kid Scoop. I have four posts done and a million to go, so I would love if you would check what I’ve come up with so far:

Make Room for the Kid Stuff 

Some Parenting Advice

Blonde Five Year Olds Have More Fun?

Moms Should Stop Blogging and Start Parenting?


Can you believe it’s mid October already??? WHERE did September go? The Christmas stuff is already out in the stores and we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet. Oy.

Wishing all my Canadian friends a a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING this weekend!!

I’m a BABBLE Kid Scoop Blogger

3rd October 2011

I can finally tell a little secret I’ve been keeping!!

As of today, I am officially a Babble blogger! I will be one of five bloggers writing for the Kid Scoop group. It’s a great group of bloggers that I’m thrilled to be writing with.

Kid Scoop includes:

Pilar Clark –

Amber Doty – The Daily Doty

Meghan Gesswein – MeghanGWine

Sharon Beesley – NYC Taught Me

Casey Mullins – MooshinIndy

I’ll be writing about my adventures, experiences, and challenges involving my kids daily! I’m really excited (and nervous) to get started on this new venture. I would love your support (yes, that means send me a latte) and comments.

Please check out my first post on Babble – Make Room for the Kid Stuff

Thanks everyone!!

New And Improved With A Side Of Owl

4th April 2011

Isn’t she bea-HOOT-iful.

I am so witty, no?

Welcome friendlies, to my new and improved blog!!

Thanks to the lovely Courtney of Judith Shakes Designs for her great work and patience with my mostly dumb questions. Sadly when it comes to this stuff, I need a Dummies book to understand the Dummies book.

I would also like to thank one of the sweetest people I know, Lynette of My Messy Paradise, who is always helpful, and just an overall sweetheart. Thanks Lynette for putting up with me!! I owe you a bucket of chocolate the next time I see you!!

Thank you so much for coming by to check things out! I’ve updated my About Me page and added some other new pages, along with a cute footer! I wanted something totally different, and was going for a very neat and tidy look because Martha and I are super close, and thought she would approve.


I am thrilled to be the TMC Featured Blogger!

10th September 2010

Welcome, and a special hello to members of the Theta Mom Fan Club! I’m also a proud member and I’m happy to welcome you all to my blog. HOLLA!

As you may have read on TMC, I’ve been blogging a little over a year, and I am really enjoying it. By far, the best part of being online has been all the fabulous people that I’ve met through blogging (and Twitter) – relationships that I will cherish for a lifetime. I’m thrilled that you are all here, and want to thank Heather for making that happen. Thank you Heather – one dirty, inappropriate hug coming your way.

Feel free to check things out and look around. I just recently moved to this self hosted blog, so it is still a work in progress. (Please note: You will probably notice that several of my older posts with photos are kind of out of whack, in terms of alignment since the move, but if you can ignore that and still check out the content, that would be very kind of you).

If you would like some suggestions on where to look to get to know me and my blog a bit better, you could check out:

Feel free to check out my pages up top to get to know my brood, my thoughts on the latest flicks I’ve seen and even 100 things about me.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I really hope to see you again!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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