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Holiday Gift Ideas With Crayola And a Giveaway!

23rd November 2015


The holiday season is here and it’s time to get shopping for everyone on your list.

My kids started their lists weeks ago – they’ve taped them to the fridge and just keep adding to them as they see things they want. I figure they’ll have a short story by the time we get to December. Lucky me.

My 9 year old always has something from Crayola on her list – she loves being creative and art and is very imaginative. ‘Crayola believes in the genius of imagination, the power of play and the magic of dreams.’  I love that and I’m all for it.

Crayola has some great gift ideas that would be perfect for this holiday season. We had a chance to try some of them out and they are definite winners!

Crayola Crayon Carver


The Crayola Crayon Carver is a multiple award winner and geared to kids ages 6+. The Crayon Carver allows kids to experience engraving by tracing. First, you remove the crayon wrapper using the included wrapper ripper tool. You then place the crayon into the chamber to hold it in place. You select the tiles for the message you want to engrave, and then you trace the tiles which will simultaneously engrave the message into the crayon. This was one of my daughter’s favourites and she was amused with it for a long time. It was a definite hit.

Easy Animation Studio


Another award-winner is the Easy Animation Studio, geared to kids ages 8+. To use this toy, you must download the Animation Studio app. The toy includes the mannequin and stand, a 30 page booklet, coloured pencils and a device stand. First, you choose which character you want to play with and colour and design it front and back, and then scan it in to your smartphone or tablet. You then place your device in the stand and position the mannequin in various poses. The on-screen character you scanned earlier then mimics the poses of the mannequin and records it as a video.

My daughter LOVED playing with this and didn’t require any help setting it up. She had a great time making videos and recording her voice into them, and then showing them off. Another hit!

Cling Creator, Thread Wrapper and Light-Up Stamper


Need more award-winning ideas for prezzies this year? The Cling Creator allows you to create clings using included molds that will stick to and peel from virtually any surface. You can make up to 20 clings but refill packs are available as well.

The Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper is a motorized threading machine that allows you to style things you own with colourful threads. The Thread Wrapper comes with six spools of thread but you can use any thread with the machine. You can also use Crayola markers to add colour to the threads as well.

The Light-Up Stamper kit allows for mess free colouring by using Color Wonder inks. These inks are clear but the Light-Up Stamper kit actually lights up so you can see what colour you’re using. The great thing about Color Wonder inks is that they don’t colour or mess up your clothes or furniture or anything. It’s delightful.

Crayola has so many great gift options for the holiday season, and I want to help you get started. I’m giving away two of these fun products – The Crayon Carver and the Easy Animation Studio (valued at $60). You can enter below via Rafflecopter – the giveaway is open to Canadian Residents only and will run until December 1, 2015. GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Back to School with Crayola And a Giveaway #BTS

11th August 2015


It’s that time of year again – Back to School! (Insert my children’s moaning and groaning here).

The BEST part about Back to School time for me, is buying all the school supplies. I find that the kids start to get excited about getting organized and ready for school when we pick up the school supplies – at least the little one does. Personally, I love it so much that I often buy too much so that I can hide some for myself. I make sure to pick up all the basics and some of the fun stuff too, and when it comes to the fun stuff, I always choose Crayola products. From the first package of crayons I bought as a new mom for my little guy, until now, with two kids who love to paint and draw and create, I have always preferred Crayola. It’s just one of those brands that people trust for quality, including myself – they call it the Crayola Difference.

This is why I was very excited to become part of the Crayola blogger program – me and the brood are big fans. Recently, they sent us a box of goodies for back to school, and we were super excited to check out all their new products and those products that are new to us. Our little eight year old artist got right to it immediately and picked her four favourite products – the Glitter markers, Metallic markers, Watercolour pencils and the scented PowerLines Markers.


So to celebrate Back to School (YES I’m celebrating – Mommy needs some alone time!), I have a fab Crayola giveaway!! One lucky winner will win a great $50 package that includes:


  • 24 ct crayons
  • 24 mini twistables fun effect
  • Ultra-Clean Broad Line Markers, 10 ct Tropical
  • Power Lines Scented Markers
  • Ultra-Clean Stamper Markers
  • Coloured Pencils, 24 ct
  • 24 Washable Watercolour Paints
  • Glue Sticks
  • Blunt Tip Metal Scissors
  • Construction Paper Pad, 120 ct
  • 5 Paint Brushes, assorted

Would you like to win this fab Crayola prize? Enter below to win! This giveaway is open to Canadians only, and will run until August 19, 2015 at MIDNIGHT EST. GOOD LUCK!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

EASY DIY: Jewellery Holder

25th May 2015

Let me just put this out there – I am NOT the craftiest person.

But even I can take an impulse purchase (ie. something ugly that sat in my crawl space forever), and turn it into something much cuter and actually useful. All it took was some spray paint.

This is EASY DIY.

STEP ONE: Buy a ceramic purple egg holder at Easter time for no particular reason. Or if you’re me, pull it out of a random box in your basement.


STEP TWO: Buy some spray paint – I bought Rust-oleum Universal in Flat Black.

STEP THREE: Make sure your egg holder is clean and free of dust, and set up to spray paint it outside in a well-ventilated area, because the spray paint stinks.

STEP FOUR: Spray paint in short strokes so you don’t drip. Let it dry and do a second coat. Once that’s dry, turn it over and do the same for the other side.


STEP SIX: Get your cute rings and necklaces and organize them in your new jewellery holder. I put my casual stuff in mine.


You could also use this for beads or office bits and bobs, but I think it’s super cute for jewellery.


Lazy DIY for the win!

What do you think?

Lysol Canada Decorate Your Hand Soap Dispenser Contest

20th March 2013

Have you heard about the cute Lysol Canada contest going on right now? They’re giving away great prizes too – mini tablets valued at $329 Cdn every day for 21 days!!

The Lysol Canada Decorate Your Hand Dispenser Contest asks you to decorate their very popular No Touch hand soap system with your kids and make it your own. Here’s what to do:

  • Decorate a Lysol No Touch hand soap system in an original and creative way with the kids. Have fun with it!
  • Make sure not to use any trademarked logos or images in your design, or it will not qualify!!
  • Remember not to cover the sensor at the front of the system.
  • Upload your photo of your creation to the Lysol Canada FB page here. You’ll have to like the page to be able to do so.
  • Please, make sure to check out all the rules and regulations here before you get started.

The kids and I also decided to decorate on our own version here at home. We decided to use our new Sharpies and we decided to go the “designer route” and use pattern. After no persuasion on my part (ahem), we decided to go with a zig zag pattern and we love how it turned out. Check it out.

Make sure to check out the gallery on the Lysol FB page because they’re are so many great ideas so far – much more crafty than our attempt!

“Disclosure – I am participating in the Kid Who Touches Everything blog tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Lysol. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

My Favorite Homemade Teacher’s Gift

28th June 2011

I did one of these paper lunchbag book teacher gifts last year, for my son’s grade one teacher. I wish I could claim the idea as my own but I cannot – I found this fab idea here.

This year, I decided to make one for my four year old daughter’s JK teacher, who will not be her SK teacher next year because she’s  having a baby. She was also my son’s SK teacher, and we adore her. Actually, every parent that is lucky enough to have her as their child’s teacher adores her.

I’m not going to lie – this teacher gift is very time consuming. It also involves your child, which slows down the process even more. But I promise you, if you stick with it, you’ll love it, and the teacher will too. My son’s teacher cried last year. I call that a win.

For my daughter’s version, we went with her favorite colors – pinks and more pink. I thought I would share it below.

Some details:

  • I used 4 folded up lunch bags – that gives you 14 pages, plus the front and back and four pockets that we used for a gift card, school pic, and some art by the little one.
  • Good tools to have: lunchbags (obviously), scrapbook paper, glue tape/glue gun, hole punch, crafty stuff, infinite amounts of Diet Coke and a sense of humour.
  • They are really no rules – you basically start with a scrapbook of lunch bags, and then you can just go to town.
  • Definitely involve the little ones – that’s what makes this gift truly special.
  • It will take a LONG time (did I say that already?) – don’t be like me and leave it until the night before the last day of school. Seriously, don’t.


PAGE 2-3:

Page 4-5: (A letter from me) and a teacher quote

Page 6-7:

Page 8-9: The 4yo drew a picture of herself and her teacher

Page 10-11:

Page 12-13: When I Grow Up I Want To Be:

Page 14-15:

Back Cover:

What it looks like with all the extras in the pockets:

What it looks like with all the extras pulled out of the pockets:

That’s it!! That’s my favorite homemade teacher’s gift!

I would love to hear what you think. And if you have any questions about anything let me know!


Craftiness is a State of Mind

28th June 2010

I blame Megan @undomesticdiva – I was reading her blog, and she just happened to be blogging about making teacher gifts. I thought it was a genius idea, and something I could actually do, despite my personal lack of genius in the craft department. But I liked it enough to try. So I headed out and bought all the supplies and was ready – mind you this was WEEKS ago. Fast forward to today, the day before the end of the school year, and I decided to bite the bullet and actually go ahead with it.

I’m surprised to say that I really enjoyed doing it too – weird for me, but true. I’m kind of proud of myself, and thrilled that my little dude feels the same way, and is excited about sharing it with his teacher. I took some pics of the final product and would love to hear what you think!

Seriously – I’m going to do this every year from now on. Thanks Megan.

Little Miss Artist

19th February 2010

My 3yo LOVES to draw and colour and all that good stuff. Most of her drawing look exactly the same, which I find kind of hilarious and darling. I thought I would share some of her recent drawings with you, since she loves to see herself on “Mommy’s BWOG”. Enjoy













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