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The Time Chamber – A Coloring Book by Daria Song

6th November 2015


You know, it’s very cool to colour these days. Personally I’ve always loved colouring – I just find it so relaxing and void of technology. Really you should try it – put down your phone and your iPad, turn your tv off and sit and colour. You get bonus points if you convince the children to join you.

Convince, bribe, force – you get the idea.

The lovelies at Penguin Random House just sent me the latest colouring book by artist Daria Song called The Time Chamber. Actually, it’s not just a coloring book but also a ‘magical story’ about a fairy who enters the human world when the clock strikes midnight. The Time Chamber features lovely illustrations that will appeal to all ages. And OWLS – owls will always garner bonus points in my book. My 9 year old and I both agree that this colouring book is a beautiful addition to our collection.


The Time Chamber is actually the second colouring book by Korean artist Daria Song. The Time Garden is her first and it is where we are first introduced to the lovely little fairy who explores at midnight. Either of these titles, or better yet both, would make a great gift for anyone (including  yourself) who enjoys colouring,


The Time Chamber is available now in stores and retails for $20.99 in Canada ($15.99 U.S.).

Colouring Books For Adults

13th May 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard – colouring is very in right now, especially for adults. I’m kind of thrilled about it because I LOVE to colour. I find it relaxing – as long as my eight year old klepto keeps her cute little hands off my colour pencils. She has a lovely way of making my pencils and books disappear.

There are SO many fun colouring books for grown-ups available out there now that it’s so mainstream. From pretty to hilarious, you’re covered! Check out some of my favourites below – I’ve added links below in case you want to pick some up for yourself. They’re not affiliate links – just being helpful, because the joy of colouring needs to be shared.







  • Charley Harper – Volume 2
  • The Tattoo Coloring Book
  • Charley Harper – Volume 1


Do you have a favourite that I haven’t shared – please let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ones!!

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