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Little People Talk

7th July 2009

There is nothing better in my eyes, than listening to little people talk, especially amongst themselves. Its always hilarious, uncompromised and so unjaded that its shocking to think I was once like that. Its not only what they say that amuses me but the way they say it. With their lisps and mispronounciations, you just wish you could keep a video camera on them at all times (in a non- J+K+8 sort of way).

My little lady has started impersonating and repeating everything her older brother says, and she waits for just the right moment to share it with us. She has impeccable timing – as does her counterpart. We were sitting down having our dinner a couple nights ago, and my 2 year old looked at me and said,

“Mommy, you da bess cook. Mommy, you da bess mommy in da ho why whirl’d”.

It was exactly what the little man says whenever he’s in trouble. He looks at me with his huge doe eyes, and says the same thing with the same accent and the same lisp, and follows it up with the toothiest grin he can muster. It was hilarious to see her do the same thing, except in an absolutely genuine way.

My husband thinks we should always correct the little bits of their language that are still growing and changing, but I don’t want to. I want them to sound their age, and I don’t care if that’s selfish. I’m all for correcting grammar, and am a crazy lady when it comes to being polite, but do I really have to make my baby say THE instead of DA?? I still can’t get over the fact that my kids can dress themselves, let alone talk my ear off  –  non-stop – ALL DAY LONG.

I love their mispronounciations. Here are some of my favorites that my kids say:

  • CHOCKWET – chocolate
  • NAVILLA – vanilla
  • BAFROOM – bathroom
  • FOOFRIES – french fries
  • WALLER – water
  • BULLER – butter
  • LIFESAVER – light saber
  • PINCEST- princess
  • POON – spoon
  • BAFF – bath
  • TEEF – teeth
  • PWATE – plate
  • BORD – bird
  • MAHKUR – marker
  • NECKWUSS – necklace
  • BRACEKET – bracelet
  • SHORT – shirt
  • QUIP – clip
  • DUHLEE – dirty
  • FUNDER AN WHITENING – thunder and lightning

Of course I can’t possibly list them all or do it justice – you need the little people saying it to truly appreciate its sugary goodness. What are some of the funny things your kids say or mispronounce? Feel free to share some of your favorites with me.

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