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Perpetually Terrified

19th October 2011

Yesterday, I posted a blog on Babble Kid Scoop (why yes, I do blog there, thank you for asking), titled Fear of Dying Was NOT in the Baby Books. I wrote about how becoming a mother has made me very afraid of anything related to death, especially my own mortality. It’s true, I think about it all the time, daily even. It’s exhausting to be “perpetually terrified” (my lovely new friend Candace said that in her comment on the Babble post, and I thought it fit how I feel perfectly). I’ll be honest, I don’t talk about this kind of thing EVER, but after experiencing these feelings for over eight years, I thought it might be time to get it out. I’m not sure why, but I sat down and wrote that post very quickly, and hesitated about posting it. I was worried about the reaction, truth be told.

Within the hour, the post had hundreds of hits, and many great, supportive comments. I was shocked, because every person who commented spoke of having experienced similar feelings, and here I thought I was the only one. Seriously. It was a very liberating feeling.

For me, this is why I started blogging. I needed a community of people that I could relate to, commiserate with, learn from. That is what blogging and Twitter and social media has done for me. It’s a wonderful thing, not to feel alone about one’s experience as a mother, as a woman, as a person.

So I guess the point of this post was to say a big thank you for your support, here and on Babble and Twitter and wherever we may interact. I appreciate you!

Blogher 2010 – The Good, The Bad, and The Waxy

14th August 2010

Blogher 2010 is over. It was a trip I anticipated for a year, for so many reasons, and it really did not disappoint. The ultimate excuse to blog, for me, is the connection and the relationship formed among all the other women who also open themselves up online, every day, in the name of laughter, truth and heartache.

I’ll be honest – it is a bit tough being back home. Now that I’ve met so many of these wonderful women, that have become a part of my every day over the last year, it sucks knowing it will be a while before I get to see many of them again. I lead a little bit of a lonely existence in my small city, and it was wonderful to get away from that, if only for four crazy, jam-packed days. And even though I worried about my kids missing me (wrongly so, evidently), I’m thrilled I got some much-needed real time with some fab women. Every one of us deserve to have that – for sanity’s sake.

So how was it?


  • DINHER – The dinner that began as a dinner and became a dinner/swag extravaganza turned out even better than I had hoped. I will be blogging about it, so that I can properly thank all the sponsors, but I loved this event. It was a chance to relax and have an amazing meal with 14 other fabulous, funny and lovely bloggers. Thrilled that all the ladies had a great time, and that we were able to convert my room into a swag suite that led to some amazing reactions from everyone. Thank you to all the ladies for making this event worth every moment of planning for me.
  • THE BLOGGERS – It was the oddest experience, to simply look around and recognize all of these people that I had never actually met, and yet felt like I knew to some degree. I had told myself before I arrived in NYC, that if I saw someone I wanted to meet, I would approach them no matter what. And I did. And I’m glad I did, because I met some of the coolest people:

  • THE EVENTS & PARTIES – The number of events and parties going on over the four days was unbelievable. I had a blast at so many of them, including Getting Gorgeous, Sparklecorn and Cheeseburgher (see proof of fun below):

Good Times People.


  • THE FRIZZ – I love NYC, but dammit, I came close to feeling a little hate and I blame the damn humidity. Oy the frizz – not a good look, on anyone. Thank goodness I got my hair done before the conference, or it wouldn’t have looked as good in the damn ponytail I was forced to wear all weekend.
  • DIET COKE M.I.A. – Diet Pepsi will NEVER substitute for Diet Coke, and all the addicts will know what I’m talking about.
  • HOBBIT FEET – Blame the heat, the amount of walking, the heels and the size of my ass, but after the first day, my feet started to swell and did not stop. By late Day Two, I could barely walk and my feet resembled stumpy, hobbit feet (minus the hair – give me some credit, I shaved in honour of Blogher).


  • BRUCE JENNER – Why Bruce Jenner, Why?

Don’t get me wrong, Bruce was lovely, really. We had a lengthy convo about his youngest daughters and their modeling and the scandal surrounding it. I felt the need to counsel him – we hugged it out and I think he really felt better about it afterward.  Dr. BORED Mommy to the rescue. But the dude has stretched and botoxed the crap out of his face. I suggested that he seek out another big time star at the Expo Hall, who despite the fame, has remained a little more life-like, and I believe, has been using a really good moisturizer – the Sun Dude.

Why did I even take this picture? I have no idea. Believe me, if Colin Firth had been there, I would have been all over it, but alas Colin had better things to do then semi-grope the ladies. Dammit.

I think my 6 year old said it best, “Mommy, this picture is just weird”.

Well said, little one.

Until next Blogher. Hopefully.

BlogHer? I didn’t even know her!

29th July 2010

I’m going to BlogHer.

Let me give you a moment to celebrate. And by you, I mean me. *Celebration in progress.”

I know, right?

Awesome. I’m crazy excited.


In case you happen to see someone who maybe, could possibly be me, you should probably know that I don’t look like my avatar anymore, because I’m aged and robustacular. I’m okay with that – because number one, I love that picture of myself, and two, I am pure awesome on the inside. So there.

Now that we’ve straightened that out.

7 days until Blogher 2010.


This is my first BlogHer conference.

Actually, this is my first trip, without my kids, in 7 YEARS. Its my first trip without my husband in 10, and its actually the first trip I’ve ever taken with friends. EVER – and I’m OLD, people! I clearly don’t get out much.

This may also explain the crazy, perma-joker smile that I will be wearing all weekend. If you think I’m drunk, I’m not. I’m just REALLY, REALLY happy not to have to wipe butt for four days straight.

Truth is, I may not want to go home on Sunday. The BlogHer people might have to have me removed when I decide to stage a sit-in. I’ll be the one handcuffed to the Starbucks in the front lobby. Feel free to join me.

It could happen.

By the way, you probably have realized by now that this isn’t one of those Blogher posts that will actually help you prepare in any way. However, I might be able to confirm a few things for you.

  • There will be women there. Millions and millions of fantastic women. Also, a few dudes.
  • You will need to bring a cardigan – because cardigans make the world go round.
  • Every other store front is a Starbucks, so you will definitely be covered in the caffeine front.
  • Don’t wear your cute shoes for too long. Pain trumps cute every time. So not fair. Perhaps you can carry them around for a more bohemian tribute to the pretty.
  • Make sure you eat at least one cupcake and one black & white while you’re in NYC or you won’t be allowed to board the plane.
  • If you see Colin Firth, I better be with you.
  • Don’t leave NYC without getting a Colin Firth tattoo. This one is more for me actually, so carry on.

And now, a little head’s up about me.

  • I am mostly, if not always, smiling. On the inside. If you see me, and I’m not smiling, its because I’m doing algorithms in my head, or thinking dirty thoughts. Either way, very smiley.
  • I am a hugger and/or a hand shaker and/or a double and triple cheek kisser, depending on your culture. I am adaptable in my hellos.
  • I have the worst memory on the planet, unless it involves useless information. I will probably forget your name during our conversation, but I can always tell you about something random that I heard about 4 years ago, especially if it involves a trashy celebrity.
  • I never forget a face. Seriously – never. So if you catch me staring at you, I’m not giving you the stink eye, or the evil eye (which every Greek has perfected in their lifetime – yes that’s your warning) – I’m just trying to place you.
  • If you catch me staring at your ass, your boobs, your outfit, or someone else’s, it’s because I like your outfit, may attempt to replicate it in the future and probably envy how tiny your butt is. But in a good way – I promise.
  • I will not be wearing a dress, to any event or any party!
  • I might come off shy in the beginning. Seriously. Bashful is so in right now.
  • If you feel the need to learn some dirty Greek words, come find me. I will have an arsenal at the ready.
  • If you happen to bring your baby, I may feel the need to come say hello, talk baby talk, or perhaps even hold your baby? Do not be afraid! I am good people.
  • I don’t do drama, especially on a fab trip to NYC. If drama occurs, I will be that person, who suddenly doesn’t speak English, and is walking away in the opposite direction.

Don’t you feel more prepared! I’m so glad. Can’t wait to see you in New York City!!


I do want to give a little shout out to an event that I am hosting while in NYC. It started out as a dinner, and has developed into something way fabulous. So a huge thank you to our title sponsor – GM Canada – and all of our swag sponsors for the DinHer event. I am thrilled with how it has turned out, and quite frankly, nothing makes me happier than planning something that makes other people happy. I am adding new sponsors everyday, with no end in sight. So thank you to everyone involved!!

It’s MY Party and I’ll Blog if I Want To

30th March 2010

When I started blogging last June, I did it because I needed something to break up the monotony of my life. I had, and still have no real feelings about stats and feeds and followers and all that. I had no idea that you could or couldn’t make money off a blog, no idea that people give you awards and recognition, or even that conventions exist for blogging. Seriously, I knew NOTHING about blogging. I had no idea, because I didn’t care about any of it – I still don’t care about most of it. I saw the blog as an online diary FOR MYSELF, that my husband could read (and does), and for friendlies who wanted to read it.

Of course along the way, you encounter freaks who wouldn’t know you if they passed you on the street, who feel they have the right to criticize you like they know you. Those people suck. I will say I’m lucky in that I haven’t encountered much of that at all, especially to the degree that some bloggers have, but then again, I’m not the most controversial blogger. I always feel sorry for those people who feel the need to do that, clearly they are missing something from their exciting lives, but again, I won’t be losing sleeping either way.

Then comes that day when your family members discover your blog – boo. Regardless of whether they are supportive or not, it changes you as a blog writer I think. You all of a sudden have to think about every word you write, and how it may or may not affect them, and quite frankly there are so many childhood stories and memories that deserve respect and privacy — hence why I can’t write about many things that swirl around in my head. These things are nothing dramatic, or shocking, or even life-altering — but they belong to me and my family. I’m okay with that most days, and others, it is incredibly annoying that I have to filter like that.

Having said that, I’m lucky that the siblings that have read my blog, my younger sister, my older brother and my sister-in-law have been super supportive and have commented, and will send me emails or call me to tell me they liked a blog post. I do love that. They are my family – they know my sense of humour, and they can laugh along with me. The same goes for my husband – I blog about him often, and I often make fun of him, or pick on him – and the one thing I truly love about him is that he gets my sense of humour, and laughs right along with me. When I can get a honest to goodness hearty belly laugh out of him, I will admit, that it makes me feel like a superstar. The fact that he allows the silly stuff, and the digs to roll right off his back, just proves he’s my superstar too.

So to all those who are clearly beyond the spectrum of my husband, my immediate family, my friends and all the lovely people I have encountered through my blog and twitter (my friendlies) – if you’re reading my blog, and you take offense to something I’ve written, then you clearly don’t know me, and you clearly don’t understand my sense of humour. Perhaps you should be reading something other than my blog, that is nothing more than a chance for me to chitty chat with my people.

Now you know where I stand.

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