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Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

15th November 2012

These are the five things (ironically, they all start with C) that bring me comfort

1. CHILDREN (mine, of course)

Yes, I do bribe them to sit pretty in the pictures. Worth every penny.


It’s a pricey, yet necessary comfort for Mommy.


Cookbooks are glorious and  you can never have too many. Seriously, if someone could convince my husband of this, I would so appreciate it.


Isn’t my husband handsome?


I mean laughter and the funny stuff, but chuckles started with the letter C so I went with it. Nothing is better than laughter and funny stuff and laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and that always brings me comfort.

This makes me laugh:

So does this:

And everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is perfection:

UPDATED: I had to edit my post to add a sixth – CARDIGANS!! How could I forget CARDIGANS??? Also, coincidentally cardigans starts with a C, if you hadn’t noticed.

Thanks to the lovely MamaKat for inspiring this little post.

What I’ve Learned From….Living with Little People

20th November 2009

(By Little People, I mean my kids and not ACTUAL little people)

Kids teach us so much. You may not even realize it, but every moment you interact with them, you are learning – about them, and about yourself. But once your children get old enough and big enough to move around your home freely, independently and with purpose – its a whole other set of rules. Prepare to be schooled!

What I’ve learned from little people:

  1. I will NEVER have a clean house again. (At least not for more than an hour at a time)
  2. I have learned every possible word that can be used to describe one’s bodily functions (according to little people), and evidently, every single one is absolutely hysterical (to them).
  3. I have become their human barf bib.
  4. Skid marks will never shock me again.
  5. Stepping on a piece of Lego in bare feet is equivalent to the pain experienced during childbirth.
  6. The joy of outright swearing will be lost forever, and replaced with spelling out your profanity. (D-A-M-M-I-T!)
  7. Once your kids can spell, you will be subjected to speaking in code and death stares (Believe me, not as effective, or enjoyable).
  8. Mealtimes will result in the loss of clumps of hair (Mommy’s, NOT the children’s).
  9. You will be tired forever and ever, and then some more.
  10. Toy commercials have devastating consequences to a mommy’s wallet.
  11. You will be wiping little people butts for YEARS, so get used to it.
  12. Caffeine is my best friend, and her name is Starbucks
  13. Parenting is riding the emotional roller coaster that never ends.
  14. Bedtime is the HAPPIEST time of the day.
  15. Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? Oh right, you’re living it.

But its okay, don’t you worry. I have the answer baby.


It works.

Trust Me.

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