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Kids Mean Nostalgia And Nostalgia Needs Cake

19th October 2015

I keep wondering if there will ever be a time as a mom, where I don’t wonder how time is passing so quickly. One minute they’re in diapers, and the next they have opinions and attitudes and want privacy and girlfriends.

Slow down children. Mommy isn’t ready for this.

And every so often, without warning, I feel this overwhelming need to slow things down and make every moment count. This is when I pry the electronics out of the children’s hands, and we have family time. Actually, despite my sarcasm, the kids actually really love spending time together doing “things that people did in the olden days” like board games and talking.


Board games, Bingo and card games are always guaranteed to have all four of us sitting at the kitchen table, laughing and having fun. These times always remind me of being a kid, at home with my four siblings and my parents. Some of my favourite memories are playing Risk with my brother, watching movies all together, and hanging out in our clubhouse. My mom would give us her homemade treats but every so often we’d have a Deep ‘n Delicious chocolate cake too. The five of us would devour that baby without even trying.


I suppose it’s weird to be nostalgic about a specific chocolate cake, but I am. It’s a sweet reminder of the “olden days” and the importance of family and spending quality time together. So sharing one with my own kids for the first time was just yummy cake for them, but for me it was much more than that.


Cake. It makes the world go round.

*Disclosure: This post was brought to you by McCain Foods Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of McCain Foods Canada*

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