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eco.kid organics for kids Review & Giveaway

31st March 2011

eco.kid organics is an all-natural, environmentally friendly product line geared to kids, ages 3 to 12. It is a line specifically designed for helping to prevent and treat the hair, scalp and skin issues that affect kids. Created in Australia, and distributed in Canada by abundance naturally, eco.kids is a company that screams quality, responsiblity and kid-friendly. All the ingredients are natural, and biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable. The products can claim:

  • No synthetics
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No artificial colouring
  • No silicone

I especially love the look of the packaging, and the sense of humour and cute details, like the pinky swear, on every bottle.

I was sent four products from the hair line to try out on my tots. Only after I had used them did I realize that the products are also really geared to keeping kid’s hair free of nasty lice. Even saying that word out loud, stresses me out, so I’m all for being preventative, in a natural way that is also 100% safe for my kids. We tried out the following products:

Step 1 – Prevent – Daily Shampoo (250ml – retails at $15)

Step 2 – Nourish – Daily Conditioner (250ml – retails at $15)

Step 3 – Daily Tonic – Leave -in Conditioner (500ml – retails at $18)

Step 4 – Bubbalicious – Smooth Protection Paste (100g – retails at $14)

After using the products on both the kids, I was sold. The scents weren’t too strong in any way, and my four year old loved the lemony smell of the Shampoo. I didn’t need to use a lot of the product in order to create a good lather and really wash their hair thoroughly, which is a plus because the prices are on the higher end. My daughter has really long, thick hair, and both the Shampoo and Conditioner worked really well for her curls. My favorite product was the Leave-In Conditioner – loved that it was a spray that I could use every day, whether the kids’  hair was freshly washed or not. In fact, I use it on them (and me) every day before they leave for school. And again, it smells fantastic. My son’s favorite was the Bubbalicious paste, because it made him feel like his Daddy who also uses a hair paste to style his do.

I think the eco-kid hair product line is absolutely worth a try. It is a quality product that uses essential oils and ingredients, some of which are only available down under. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly product for your kids, this is a great one to consider! You can find the eco.kid product line for purchase at Loblaws Stores, Fortinos stores, Whole Foods stores, The Big Carrot stores and online at www.abundancenaturally.com.


I’m happy to be able to giveaway a eco.kid prize pack that will include all four of the products that I was given to try out: the daily shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and hair paste.


Please go check out the eco.kid website and come back and leave a comment below to let me know what other product(s) on their site you would like to try.


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This giveaway will run from Thursday, March 31st until Thursday, April 7th 2011.

The winner will be chosen using Random.org.

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents.

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Congratulations to the winner #6 – LINDSEY!!!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!!

EverythingMom Influencer Program – Swiss Chalet review

24th February 2011

Or as my 4 year old calls it – “SHWISH SHAWAY”.
I was recently offered a $50 e-gift card to Swiss Chalet through the EverythingMom Influencer program, so I could review the restaurant’s online ordering system.
Personally, I find their online ordering system really simple to use. If you’re a first-timer, you will need to create an online account but if you already have an account, you simply enter the associated email and password.
Once in, it will first ask you to: 1. confirm your address. 2. choose pick up or delivery, and 3. choose individual or group orders. Easy peasy.
Now you can go ahead and order – the selection is as full as it is in the restaurant, so you won’t miss out at all. When you’ve chosen your entire meal, it will ask you if you would like any utensils/condiments, and will show the entire order in full as well. At this point, you can go back and add or change your order if  you need to.
The final step is to click the payments page button, which will take you to the payments page (go figure). You will be given the option to use cash, credit or gift cards to pay for your meal. Once you’ve submitted your order, following payment, it will give you a confirmation that you will receive your food in a given amount of time. We received our food in 45 minutes, and everything was fresh and delish. I had no problems using the online system, now or any previous time, and would recommend it as a great dinner option to anyone.
EverythingMom is currently running an online chat about family time and meals. They want to know: How high is family meal time on your list of priorities? How do you make it happen during the busy week and do you have any suggestions on how to make it easier? EVERYONE who participates in the chat has a chance of winning 1 of 2 $50 eGift Cards to Swiss Chalet! Go check it out!
DISCLAIMER: As part of a Mom Influencer program with EverythingMom, I was offered a $50 eGift Card from Swiss Chalet in order to experience their online order system and share my dining experience with you.

Blogtrotting – Welcome to Kingston

14th March 2010

I just recently discovered the BlogTrotting site, after I read my friend Jessica’s post about Austin, Texas, and I thought it was a great idea so I signed up. I don’t necessarily live in the most exciting city in the world, but it is my hometown, and I’ve lived here almost my entire life, and to me, it is most certainly home. And yes, it is a must-see, if only to visit yours truly.

So here are some basics about my hometown:
*It is located in South Eastern Ontario, surrounded by beautiful Lake Ontario, and is a major port to the world famous Thousand Islands
*Kingston was the first capital of Canada, and is the home of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A Macdonald (who is also buried here)
*The population of Kingston proper is approximately 117,000 and approx. 153,000 when including surrounding townships
*It is also known as the “Limestone City” because many of the local, historic buildings are built from the local limestone.
Do you need a little education?
Queen’s University, one of the oldest universities in Canada, and most beautiful is also located in Kingston. It’s a gorgeous campus, filled with many smart profs that will be sure to stress you out for as long as you’re there (yes I speak from experience). Along with my alma mater, you will find St. Lawrence College and R.M.C. (the Royal Military College of Canada) – Canada’s only military university. Kingston is also home to the oldest high school in Canada, K.C.V.I., again my alma mater.

Have you been a bad boy (or girl)?
If you happen to break the law, then you may end up in one of the 9 institutions located in and around Kingston – yes, we are famous for having the most federal correctional facilities in Canada. Seriously, though, isn’t that a pretty penitentiary?? That definitely deserves at least a banner I think.

It’s good enough for Bryan Adams to be born here, then it’s good enough for you too dammit!
There are many well known individuals who are from Kingston and/or make their home here including several NHLers and musicians. They include: Don Cherry, Doug Gilmour, Kirk Muller, John Kay (Steppenwolf), The Tragically Hip, Zal Yanovsky (The Lovin’ Spoonful), Sarah Harmer, and Dan Akroyd.
There are also many notable authors that live or once lived in Kingston, and being a book lover, I can absolutely appreciate this. Some authors you may recognize include: Helen Humphreys, Diane Schoemperlen, Robertson Davies, Merilyn Simonds, and Steven Heighton.
What to do, What to do
I will admit that although I am not a fan of winter ANYWHERE, I do really enjoy the warmer months in Kingston, because there is always something going on. There are many well-known tourist attractions in the area including Fort Henry, numerous museums, our historic downtown and the Thousand Islands cruises. There are many festivals that occur every year, that bring in thousands of tourists and we try to attend as many as we can. Our favorite is the Busker’s Festival, but we also enjoy the Blues festival, the Jazz festival, and Febfest. We also enjoy attending theatre, the Kingston Symphony and other musical events at the local Grand Theatre and KROCK Centre. And for the outdoorsy types, there are many beautiful trails to enjoy, as well as fresh water sailing, diving and golf.
So there you are – just a brief tour of our beautiful city. I hope that you come visit one day and preferably without handcuffs!.  And when you happen to stop by my little city, let me know and I’ll let you buy me a drink. Cheers.

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