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Happy 38th Baby!

22nd July 2011

Thirty-eight years ago, I was born with a baby scowl on my baby face.

But then, you would be scowly too if you were born as a floating head.

Seriously, don’t I look like the most jaded baby ever?

A small baby I was not. But I worked the one piece knit outfit like nobody’s business.

I was baby #4 , and girl #2, but with 10 years separating myself from my older sister, I was the obvious recipient for all her sewing projects. Oh, and with five kids, my mom was super mom and my dad was the hairdresser. Proof?

It’s the big 38 this year, and by big I mean old. I’m okay with it – mostly because I’m too busy amusing my children to really harp on the number.

But when it’s said and done, I do believe that NOTHING says a birthday post like the old school, double head shot.

Happy Birthday to me, and all the July babies out there!!

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