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Playhouse Disney Canada – Review & Giveaway

3rd August 2010

My kids first discovered the Playhouse Disney channel at their Yiayia’s (Grandma’s) house, a short while ago. Both my 3 year old and 6 year old fell in love with one show in particular – Special Agent Oso. They really enjoy it and the two of them enjoying some quiet time together, while I do as well, is never a bad thing. We have also seen some episodes of the other shows offered on the channel including Mickey Mouse Club, Strawberry Shortcake, and Handy Manny. What I like about this channel is that it is both age appropriate and a joy for my kids to watch – which is a win-win when they get t.v. time at their yiayia’s.

The Playhouse Disney Canada website is also a fun place for kids to discover – its a safe website where they can play games, watch videos, and do activities. You can see the daily schedule of what to watch and enter contests. There is also a section that parents can check out to subscribe, and also get some good tips about web safety.

Playhouse Disney is offering a great prize pack to one winner that includes: a Playhouse Disney DVD with five full episodes, stickers, crayons and a magnet to colour, and a magnetic pen. To enter, leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite show was when you were a kid. For an additional entry, join my new blog site using Google Friend Connect and leave a comment letting me know you did! This contest is open to CANADIANS only and ends August 18th. GOOD LUCK!

As a member of Mom Central Canada, I was chosen to be part of the Playhouse Disney Canada Blog Tour, and received a prize pack, and a gift card in return.  As always, my opinions are my own.



Help me, O witty ones.

20th May 2010

So, I’m in the process of updating and changing my blog, while also moving it to self-hosted, in honour of my upcoming one year blogoversary. Try to contain yourself – I know, it is beyond thrilling.


I thought it would be fun to have a little contest, sponsored by me and in my honour because I need your help. I’ve been thinking about taglines for my “new” and “improved” blog, and the best thing I can come up with is:


Catchy, yes?

My current one – The Mundane Makes Me Insane – is meh, too rhyme-y and me no likey anymore. Now it’s your turn. Can you come up with a great tagline for ma blog??? Help me, ’cause I’m stumped. Boredom will do that to the sleep-deprived. You are so much funnier than I am – so please help me dammit. Leave me your best suggestion in the comment section, and the winner will win an AMAZON gift card. Keep in mind I’m looking for something that is funny and/or witty and/or sarcastic. But no crap – I can come up with that all on my own thank you.

I will reveal the winner when I reveal my new design. The contest is open to both Canadian and U.S. residents, and it will end May 31, 2010.

Can’t wait to read your suggestions!!

Scary Mommy am I?

22nd October 2009

The lovely Jill over at Scary Mommy has a contest going on: The Search for a Scary Mommy. I don’t know if I’m the scariest mommy, but I definitely have some scary mommy qualities.

1. I hate playgroups and playdates, so I avoid them like the plague.

2. I’m hoping I will one day win the lottery so I can hire a full-time chef, because mealtimes are worse than the bitchiest cramps I’ve ever had.

3. When my kids are sick, I daydream back about 7 years to try to remember the days when the only vomit I feared was my own.

4. Sometimes, when my last nerve is about to snap, and my children are making my ears bleed, I will hide just so I can scream, “SHUT UP!!” into a pillow.

5. Those days of never leaving the house without makeup and hair done, and the hot outfit on, ARE OVER! I’m lucky if I get out the door and my teeth have been brushed (I have mints in the car!!!)

6. I have perfected the DEATH STARE that stops my kids dead in their tracks. Actually, it doesn’t do anything more than hurt my own eyeballs anymore; so I’ve moved on to the “loud voice” accompanied with my dragon breathing.

7. I’m not a nature/camping/hiking mom so when daddy suggests these silly things, I convince my children that they would much rather do something else, like play the Wii or have a coffee break with me at Starbucks. It usually works. I’ve said it before – STARBUCKS SAVES!!

8. I have had to result to threatening the little people with the “BABOULA” – this is the Greek equivalent to a monster/boogeyman I suppose. Don’t judge – you’ve been desperate before I’m sure. Funny enough, my daughter now associates the BABOULA with my dad (her pappou) so its kind of hilarious. She always looks at him and waits for him to smile, before she’ll approach him.


10. I am bored….often. I love my kids, love being with them (most of the time), but sometimes I would rather pull my hair out than play another board game. (Enter DADDY!)

11. Dora makes me violent.

12. Bathtime cannot end soon enough – hence why it’s not necessarily a nightly ritual. Do as the Europeans do I say.

See. Not that scary.

Actually, by making this list, I’ve realized that there are things about my momminess that isn’t scary at all:

  • My kids are very well-behaved and polite in social situations (most of the time).
  • My kids adore each other, and protect each other, and really get along (most of the time).
  • My kids don’t eat hotdogs, or candy, or soda and never will (I hope).
  • I ALWAYS put  my kids first – always – to a fault. Unless I’m desperate for a coffee, then get out of the way children because Mommy needs Starbucks.
  • Despite the vomit and germ phobia, I never let that get in the way of taking care of the little people. Mainly because I’m usually the only one that is around when they get sick.
  • My kids can sing entire songs by ABBA, Madonna, The Beatles, Kelly Clarkson, and the list goes on and on. I find that their little people lisps really add the character that this music is often missing.

In the end though, first and foremost, I’m a mommy, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You know what I say? Perfect Mommies are BORING!!!


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