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Loose Teef and Lollipops

16th November 2011

The five year old is a character, to say the least.

She’s very excited about many things this week, and she wanted to make sure I “bwogged” about it on my “bwog”.


She got her school pictures back – and I could not adore them more. (She loves them too, but has decided that she’ll wear yellow next year).

She lost another toof!! (Tooth #2 fell out at Starbucks, and yet despite the blood, I still very much enjoyed my latte. )

She rewarded herself for a hard week with some bunny “swippers”! It’s hard being a five year old, yo.

She stalked the new organic lollipop stash constantly! (Like staring mesmerized at the “healfy” lollipops makes wanting one at 8a.m. totally normal. Also, whenever offered a piece of fruit, she says, “organic lollipop?”)

And she has requested to play with the new Crayon maker no less than 500 times, but only wants to use it JUST before bed, or five minutes before we leave for school. It’s harder being a mommy, yo!

And how has your week been so far??

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