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Get Your Dense Breasts Checked with ABUS

15th February 2012

Back in 1996, I had a cyst removed from my left breast.

I noticed it one day in the shower. I was too young to know that I should have been terrified.

I made an appointment to have it looked at, when it had grown so much that it had created a visible bump on my breast.

I had a mammogram but because I have dense breasts, I also had an ultrasound. It was clear, but I still wanted it removed.

It was a outpatient procedure – so at 23, I went to the hospital alone to have the cyst removed.

It turned out that this cyst that everyone thought was quite small, ended up being larger than a golf ball.

It left a terrible scar, and if I push on my breast where the cyst was, even today, I still feel the emptiness that cyst filled at one point.

However, the scar means nothing to me when it comes to my life, so I’m absolutely glad I did it.

Fast forward, 12 years, and two beautiful kids later, and I’m scared.

I’m scared every day, and every time I read about another woman finding a lump, getting sick or dying, my heart breaks for them, and for everyone they love.

That’s why I’m writing this post today – to feel less scared, and to support women taking control of their lives by being proactive and getting screened.

My friend Dee, who proves everyday that she is one strong, ballsy woman, is featured in a new video that features ABUS ultrasound screening. In the video, she gets a breast ultrasound at VIP Breast Imaging because she has dense breasts, as do I.

ABUS is specifically designed for breast ultrasound screening and diagnosis.  In one sweep of the machine, ABUS is able to take 600 images of the breast tissue and captures images approximately every two millimetres.  Unlike hand-held ultrasounds which can only capture specific areas of the breast, ABUS captures the entire breast in 3 dimensions, providing a much more detailed scan.

The ABUS ultrasound is not covered and costs $300, however your insurance policy may cover some of the procedure. It is also tax deductible. For more information, please contact VIP Breast Imaging at 525 University Avenue in Toronto  – toronto@vipbreastimaging.com, 647-350-2229.

Please watch Dee’s video:

Disclaimer: I was offered a free ABUS screening in exchange for this post.

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