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Disney iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System – Review

23rd March 2012

I was recently sent a Disney iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System (yes that’s a mouthful) to review. The Disney iHome line is a fun collaboration of iHome products, geared towards the younger set. Minnie Mouse, Phineas & Ferb, Jack (from Nightmare Before Christmas) and my beloved Kermit the Frog all adorn the product line that includes earphones, headphones, stereo speaker, portable speaker and alarm clock speaker system.

I happen to own other iHome products and I’ve never been anything but very happy with them, so I knew the iHome kids’ product line would be great as well. I will say, that I LOVE this portable stereo speaker system.

Here’s why:

  • They are really cute. Kermit the Frog?! – enough said.
  • It’s water – resistant, which makes it great for the beach, or a kid with snacks.
  • It works with all iPod models!
  • It has premium speakers, so it has really nice sound for an inexpensive portable speaker system.
  • It has two headphone jacks, which is great for sharing and allowing two people to listen at once.
  • It has an easy on/off button.
  • It zips closed, which then transitions to a convenient handle to be able to carry it around.

My five year old has officially claimed the “Kermit stereo” as her own – she LOVES it. The great thing is that I’m able to connect my iPod, zip it up and not worry about breakage. Even if it’s dropped, it has a heavy duty outer case that will protect against any damage to my iPod. She loves the handle and sometimes carries it like a purse which is really cute. She’s even shared it with her brother, allowing him to plug in his own earphones and listen to music together (using the headphones, disables the speaker temporarily).

The Disney iHome Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Speaker System is available for $39.99. Check out other Disney iHome products on their site.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above speaker system for the purposes of a review, but my thoughts are my own.

Disneynature Chimpanzee – Trailer & Featurette

8th March 2012

I cannot wait to see this movie! I’ve always adored monkeys, even as a young child.

I just think that there is no sweeter, more interesting animal than a chimpanzee?

So, I’m really excited about seeing this Disneynature movie with my kids and I’m thrilled to be able to share the trailer and a new featurette!

What a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2012!



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