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Documentary Watch – Project Nim

19th September 2012

Project Nim is a documentary about a baby chimpanzee named Nim that is taken away from his mother to be raised with humans to see if he could be taught to communicate using language.

To say it’s a fascinating film is an understatement  – I thought it was very well done, both entertaining and thoughtful. The movie interchanges between original footage and present day interviews with all the individuals involved in the project, over the years.

What I found surprising is how much the movie is not just about Nim the chimpanzee, but the teachers and individuals involved. Power struggles, ego trips, injuries, inappropriate relationships, unhealthy attachments – you name it, it’s all there. There are many shocking moments.

I thought the way those involved dealt with Nim’s inevitable development into a more mature (and more dangerous) chimpanzee was so heartbreaking and disgraceful. The documentary is a very tough watch in many parts, but it is absolutely a must see!!

Check out the trailer below:

Documentary Watch – IMAX Born To Be Wild – Review

23rd April 2012

I love a great documentary – and I’ve seen some great ones.

IMAX Born to be Wild is one I just watched last week and I’m so glad I did.

I watched it with my husband and the kids and we all really enjoyed it.

Morgan Freeman narrates the 41 minute documentary that follows two different teams that work to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants and orangutans. The doc follows Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas in the rainforests of Borneo, and Dr. Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick in Kenya and the results are amazing.

It’s a gorgeous film to watch and unbelievablly fascinating and I was captivated from the start. The animals are SO cute and their relationships with their caregivers are so beautiful. These are people who LOVE these animals and spend every waking moment, and NIGHT with them, to make sure they feel safe and comfortable. I was shocked to see how loving and selfless they are to these baby animals – I’ll admit there were a few moments that made me teary.

This is an educational, fun and entertaining film to watch with the entire family – both my five and eight year old really loved it. After the film, they had lots of questions about the animals and wanted to learn more about them and where they lived.

This is a great family film and a nice break from the usual family fare. Watch it – you won’t be disappointed.

IMAX Born to be Wild is now out on DVD!

Documentary Watch – Young At Heart

5th March 2012

I’ve been meaning to watch this documentary FOREVER, so this post is not a timely one seeing that it came out in 2007. I FINALLY sat down and watched this on Friday night after the kids went to bed.

LOVED it. Actually, LOVE doesn’t begin to cover it.

I laughed, I cried, I was genuinely moved. I cried a lot actually, more than I thought I would. I also caught myself watching with a huge smile on my face a few times.

Young at Heart is about the Young@Heart Chorus – a New England group of about two dozen singers who’s average age is 80. They are the sweetest group of people and it is impossible not to fall in love with all of them. The documentary was filmed in 2006 during a two month preparation for a concert.

The group’s director Bob Cilman obviously adores his group, even though he can be very hard on them. I wanted to punch him a couple of times if I’m totally honest.

The best part of this group is that they actually sing rock songs – my favorite was “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash – it was hilarious and fun and engaging. And their cover of Coldplay will make you weep – I promise.

Watch the trailer and then go watch the movie – you can find it on Netflix as well.

Documentary Watch – Dear Zachary

25th October 2011

I’ve always loved a good documentary, and with Netflix, I can finally access a ton of them. Whenever I see a good one that is a must see, I will definitely post about it.


Dear Zachary – A Letter to a Son about his Father, is a documentary film by Kurt Kuenne

“On November 5, 2001, Dr. Andrew Bagby was murdered in a parking lot in western Pennsylvania; the prime suspect, his ex-girlfriend Dr. Shirley Turner, promptly fled the United States for St. John’s, Canada, where she announced that she was pregnant with Andrew’s child. She named the little boy Zachary.”

This doc was unbelievable – I had heard about it a couple of times through Twitter but watched it only yesterday. It is really well done, and beyond heartbreaking. The way this unfolds is just shocking. I would suggest that you don’t read more than the brief description of the film, before watching it.

I absolutely recommend it – go watch it right now. Check out the trailer below:

Boatlift – A Must See 9/11 Documentary

12th September 2011

I know I’m a bit late on this post – but I saw this 10 minute documentary on CNN yesterday and I just had to share it. Boatlift, narrated by Tom Hanks is the amazing story of how 500,000 people were evacuated by boat in just nine HOURS on 9/11.

It is an absolute must see.

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