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Two Little Words Filled My Heart

23rd February 2012

My five year old is a sweetheart. She can be feisty, and loud and stubborn as hell, but her sweetness always shines through.

Over the weekend, we caved and got her something she has been begging for weeks.


Meet Cookie (the girly bird) and the boy bird that is still unnamed, although the eight year old is hoping she’ll go with his choice of Ripjaw.

Who knew two little budgies would make her SO happy – the kid literally bounces with joy all day long. It’s kind of contagious.

Tonight, just before her bedtime, she passed me a little cue card she had cut up with the words, “I LOVE BIRD’S” on it. Yes, she had an apostrophe in there – she’s a character alright.

A couple minutes later, she grabbed it from my hands and said she had to fix it, and came back with this,

Awww, right?

I can’t begin to tell you how much those two little words she added, filled my heart with insane amounts of joy.

These are the moments of motherhood, that make the hard ones worth it – times ten.

Word(less) Wednesday – The Four Year Old Artist Strikes Again

23rd June 2011

The four year old decided to draw my parents (her YiaYia and Pappou) from memory, using her DSi. This is what she came up with.


This is eerily accurate I might add.

And her YIAYA:

Notice the beehive and the handbag? That is my mom personified.

Love the way children think and perceive others around them – it always comes out in their art, and their stories.

4 Year Old Art

5th January 2011

We got tons of snow yesterday, and my 4yo had a chance to help her Daddy shovel the driveway, while I dropped my son off at school. Afterward, she decided to draw a picture about it, because that’s her thing.

Love this kid.

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