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Dirty Books for the Ladies – Part Two

24th May 2012

Today’s dirty books are brought to you with some Colin Firth. Colin – the man who makes everything better. (Also, dirtier….in my own head.)


I’ve been a bit M.I.A. but I’ve had to catch up on my dirty book reading.

My last post about dirty reads included a few great ones that I still recommend. (I think every Fifty Shades reader should read Bared to You and compare them and then let me know what you thought).

Since then, I’ve read a few more that I wanted to share. I also feel that I must tell you that many of these books just happen to have a recurring man-man-woman love triangle situation happening. For those who don’t know, this is what we call a MENAGE.

Super fun times.

(Please note: the closest I’ve come to a menage is me in bed with my husband and an obscenely large body pillow. Best menage ever.)

And now, more dirty book reads for you – because I care.

Beauty’s Punishment and Beauty’s Release by Anne Rice

These are book two and three of the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice, and these books are just INSANE. The first one was really good and well written, and don’t get me wrong the last two are technically well written but they are what dirty nightmares are made of. I had said this about the third book on Facebook recently, “This book is just cray cray. I’ve never read the word phallus and horse tail so much in my life. Also, all the man love, woman love, man man love, woman man man love, slave slave love, men as ponies love is making me want to reread 50 shades. Anne Rice’s brain is a scary place.” Also, I would hazard a guess that most of the characters in these books experience immense pain when sitting. Ahem.

On The Island – by Tracey Garvis Graves

Technically, this isn’t an erotic read at all. It’s more like a romantic adventure that I would never want to experience. Think Castaway minus Tom Hanks plus a whole lot of sexual tension. However, it was actually a good, and very sweet read. It was also a nice break for my brain – after the disturbing Anne Rice attack.

Bound & Beast – by Sophie Oak

When I started reading these books, I didn’t realize that their subtitle was, “A Faery Story”. I probably wouldn’t have read them if I had – I’m not one to jump in and read how vampires get it on. However, Bound is mostly about a human who happens upon another “plane” and encounters two hot non-human twins that live in a forest among gnomes and trolls and creatures. And there is also a pervy vampire that happens to be the twins’ friend and the main character in the second book in the series, Beast. If you’re into the erotic lives of mythical non-humans, and yes they get it on like the rest of us, these are a good read. These also solve the mystery of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere – the answer is YES, and they are getting it on like rabbits.

The Siren series by Sophie Oak

There are five books in this series – Small Town Siren, Siren in the City, Siren Enslaved, Siren Beloved, and Siren in Waiting. They all tell their own story but they are all based in the same small town, they all have characters that move in and out of the books and they are all about cowboys. I can tell you this – cowboys should really be in every erotic read because cowboys make everything better. I’m all for cowboys getting along – especially with each other. Also, the recurring theme in all of these is what Sophie Oak calls “Menage Amour”, or three way love, with a side of dominant/submissive sexy time. Yes you must read all five, and they are all fantastic, and did I mention the cowboys?

I should also mention:

  • You have to read erotica with a sense of humour in mind or you may never get off the couch.
  • Cowboys need to be involved during all sexy time everywhere.
  • There is a whole lot of menage going on – all the time. If your neighbour isn’t answering the doorbell? Menage. Your best friend had to cancel your coffee date? MENAGE.
  • Reading dirty books makes you smarter.


What have you read lately? Anything I need to read??

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