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The New LeapPad and My Very Famous Seven Year Old

3rd August 2011

Last month, we were invited to go to a LeapFrog event in Toronto, for the launch of their newest product, the LeapPad. It’s basically a tablet for children, and it’s really impressive.

My kids loved it.

While we were there, my seven year old had a chance to talk to Kris Abel with CTV News, and he was VERY excited to find out that he was going to be on t.v. He wants you all to know that he will be happy to share his autograph with all of you.

Yes, he’s serious.

And I quote, “Mommy, I think I’m going to be so famous now, that I’m going to need my own computer now.”

Hardy Har, my son.

Here’s the video below – The LeapPad segment is at 8:10 and Nicholas’ part starts at 10:03.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way.

Fisher-Price Ultimate Playdate

2nd May 2011

This past weekend, the family and I were invited to go to the Ultimate Playdate with Fisher-Price, sponsored by ParentsCanada.  The event was to promote Fisher-Price’s introduction of milestones to help parents determine which toys would be best for their children’s development.

The event had several different play stations set up, divided by the specific milestones. There was seating in each section and tons of toys for all the kids to try out. Also each station had people assigned to them, so they could help the kids try out the toys as well.



This was such a fun event, and I loved that it was really all about the kiddies. There were face painters, full size Little People characters, a dj, and a hilarious juggler/unicyclist/magician that my son adored. There were kid-friendly refreshments, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t much cuter than a four year old walking up to a juice bar and ordering her own beverage.




There were also tons of prizes given away and the one that my son was DYING to have, he actually won! He was so thrilled, and everyone was giving him high fives and  it was such a wonderful moment for him.

Big thanks to Fisher-Price and Parents Canada for a great event. My kids and I thank you!!

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