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3M Command Deck The Halls

14th November 2011

The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it’s time to put up your lights and tree and decor. It’s the one time of year that I really TRY to be crafty and give every room in the house a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Enter EverythingMom and the 3M™ Command™ Deck the Halls Holiday Decor Challenge.

Fifteen bloggers were asked to do some holiday decorating using the 3M™ Command™ products, and I am one of them. (I’m forever trying to make Martha proud after all).

So head on over to the EverythingMom site and check out my post and pics to see what I came up – simple, yet pretty ideas that ANYONE can do. My motto is simple is better – down with tchotchkes.

At the same time, you can vote to help me and YOU win some cash!!! You can vote for your favorite ideas (which will PROBABLY be mine) and be entered to win one of five cash prizes! You can only vote once so make your vote count (for me).

You could win:

  • A $50 Visa gift card (to be drawn on November 15th)
  • One of two $100 Visa gift cards (to be drawn on November 21st and December 12th)
  • One of two $200 Visa gift cards (to be drawn on November 28th and December 5th)
The contest ends December 12, 2011 so hurry over and vote today!! The contest is open to members of EverythingMom only, so this is the perfect time to join such a fab site. 

Vote for MARIA – that’s me!!

Deck the Halls With EverythingMom and 3M™ Command™ Products

EverythingMom Influencer Program – Swiss Chalet review

24th February 2011

Or as my 4 year old calls it – “SHWISH SHAWAY”.
I was recently offered a $50 e-gift card to Swiss Chalet through the EverythingMom Influencer program, so I could review the restaurant’s online ordering system.
Personally, I find their online ordering system really simple to use. If you’re a first-timer, you will need to create an online account but if you already have an account, you simply enter the associated email and password.
Once in, it will first ask you to: 1. confirm your address. 2. choose pick up or delivery, and 3. choose individual or group orders. Easy peasy.
Now you can go ahead and order – the selection is as full as it is in the restaurant, so you won’t miss out at all. When you’ve chosen your entire meal, it will ask you if you would like any utensils/condiments, and will show the entire order in full as well. At this point, you can go back and add or change your order if  you need to.
The final step is to click the payments page button, which will take you to the payments page (go figure). You will be given the option to use cash, credit or gift cards to pay for your meal. Once you’ve submitted your order, following payment, it will give you a confirmation that you will receive your food in a given amount of time. We received our food in 45 minutes, and everything was fresh and delish. I had no problems using the online system, now or any previous time, and would recommend it as a great dinner option to anyone.
EverythingMom is currently running an online chat about family time and meals. They want to know: How high is family meal time on your list of priorities? How do you make it happen during the busy week and do you have any suggestions on how to make it easier? EVERYONE who participates in the chat has a chance of winning 1 of 2 $50 eGift Cards to Swiss Chalet! Go check it out!
DISCLAIMER: As part of a Mom Influencer program with EverythingMom, I was offered a $50 eGift Card from Swiss Chalet in order to experience their online order system and share my dining experience with you.
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