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Family Movie Time Reboot #Streamteam

4th October 2016

We are official back to school and back to our fall routine, finally. I love summer and summer break but by the end of the summer, I am ready to be back to a more scheduled lifestyle. Mommy needs a break. Plus it’s cardigan weather and who doesn’t love a cardigan???

Over the summer we watched a ton of movies and shows with the kids whenever we wanted. During the school year however, we watch our movies mostly on the weekends. On Fridays, we have pizza and a movie night. We make homemade personal pizzas then choose/fight over which movie to watch.

(Side Note: Here is the yummiest, easiest personal pan pizza recipe ever. We use Naan bread as the crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and then whatever toppings you want, from pepperoni to peppers, and then throw it in the oven at 350. The kids love making their own pizza, they cook super fast because you’re using Naan as the crust and they’re delicious and healthy). I’m a regular Martha Stewart.

Unless it’s a movie that was just released, Netflix is always our go-to for movie night. Thankfully, the kids are older now so they’re much more open to watching documentaries, and classics and John Hughes films. Honestly, re-watching great movies like Ferris Bueller or Mean Girls is so much more fun when you can watch it through your kids’ eyes. I don’t even feel THAT old when I do.

My favourite thing to do for movie night lately is something I did as a kid with my siblings. I move the coffee table out of the way, and make a huge bed on the floor, with several duvets and comforters and pillows. We turn out all the lights and grab some snacks and it’s officially movie time. It’s simple but the kids love it, which makes me love it too.


So what are some of the movies we’ve seen so far, that we really enjoyed?

  • Zootopia – LOVE it. It’s adorable and clever and really funny.
  • He Named Me Malala – Absolutely fantastic documentary. A must see.
  • The Little Prince – This is actually a new release and not on Netflix yet but it was so so good. We rented it and the kids watched it three times before the rental time ran out.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A huge hit in our house for all of us.
  • Teen Titans Go! – Not a movie, but my kids are obsessed with this show.
  • I Am Big Bird – LOVE LOVE LOVE.

And some movies that are on the MUST SEE LIST coming up this month include:

  • The Breakfast Club – it’s time to share this movie gold with the tweens for sure.
  • Splash – Tom Hanks and a mermaid. Enough said.
  • Zoolander – This one is a maybe – I haven’t seen it so I’m not sure if it’s appropriate.
  • Coraline – Perfect for a Halloween re-watch – both kids think it’s totally freaky.


Family Movie Nights Kick It Old School with Netflix #StreamTeam

9th October 2015


We have a family movie night every Friday, every single week, sometimes even Saturdays. Sometimes we’ll watch a new movie but most often we’re on Netflix, looking for something all four of us want to see. It has to be something  to amuse both kids, and keep even the adults entertained. At this point, we’ve seen every animated movie known to man, so lately the adults have been picking the movies, and we’re going old school.

The kids are now 11 (almost 12) and 9 and are old enough to see some of those great movies from the 80s and 90s,  that we all love. We’ve already seen a few, including:

  • Adventures in Babysitting
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • The Addams Family
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids


The kids loved all four although I will say Ferris Beuller is getting the heaviest rotation at our house – as it should be. All four are fun and hilarious and great picks for a family movie night.

Here are a few of the latest old school favourites I’ve added to our must see family movie night list:

  • Rocky
  • Footloose
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Mean Girls


And a big thanks to the lovely Netflix Canada people who sent us a great package to help us enjoy our movie night even more this weekend, now that Daddy is back from three weeks of travelling. Happy Movie Watching!!


Disclaimer: I’m part of the Netflix #StreamTeam and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with Netflix. All views and opinions are my own. 

Family Movie Night – How To Train Your Dragon 2 #DragonsMovieNight

21st November 2014


We have a weekly family movie night with the kids every Friday Night at our house. It involves everyone in their jammies, sprawled on the sectional with blankets and snacks and inevitably ends with either me or the husband falling asleep while the kids laugh at us.

This past week we watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 with the help of a fun package we received in the mail. The kids and I are huge fans of the first movie so we looked forward to watching the second one. Along with the DVD/Blu-ray, we received plates/cups/napkins/stickers/decorations and some fun activity/colouring sheets. Normally, we don’t go to this much trouble before sitting down to watch a movie but when it arrives at your door, I’m all for it. The kids were totally into it – even the 10 year old, who is too cool for everything these days, enjoyed himself.

First, I decorated the fireplace, while my daughter naturally posed with the DVD in hand.


Then, I set the table – plates I can throw away, instead of wash are my new favourite thing.


Then I set the kids up with the activity sheets while I got dinner ready – ie. put the pizza on the plates. Watch out Martha Stewart.


And then the brood watched the movie, without killing each other which is always a lovely bonus.


How to Train Your Dragon 2 takes place five years after the first movie, where we find Hiccup and Toothless still together and inseparable friends. They discover a secret ice cave with hundreds of wild dragons and the dangerous Dragon Rider. This leads to a battle between both worlds, with Hiccup and Toothless and all their friends in a fight to save the future of both man and dragon. Of course, there are surprises and heartbreak, but I’ll spare you the details so I don’t ruin it for you.

The kids really enjoyed the movie, especially the second time around, and making it a theme night with fun activities, made it that much more fun. Want to have your own fun night? To start, you’re going to need the DVD/Blu-ray and I’m giving away a copy right here. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it and please enter below to win – the giveaway is open to Canadian residents only.

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