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ALVINNN!!! AND THE CHIPMUNKS – New show on Family Channel

1st May 2017

Family Channel is going nuts in celebration of the new animated comedy ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks. Premiering with two back-to-back episodes on Saturday, May 6 at 12 p.m. ET/PT, the series follows the adventures of beloved characters Alvin, Simon and Theodore, along with their friends The Chipettes! The adorable chipmunks continue to bring chaos and humour to the network with two movie premieres and more brand new episodes airing throughout the weekend. It’s two days full of laughs and nuttiness that will have viewers yelling “ALVINNN!”

Chronological programming information below. All times ET/PT.

Saturday, May 6
Alvin & The Chipmunks – Movie Premiere – 10 a.m.
Dave (Jason Lee, Raising Hope), a struggling songwriter, finds success when he comes across a trio of singing chipmunks: mischievous leader Alvin (voiced by Justin Long, New Girl), brainy Simon (voiced by Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds) and chubby, impressionable Theodore (voiced by Jesse McCartney, Young & Hungry).

Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks – “Taking Teddy/Principal Interest” – 12 p.m.
Theodore’s new talking teddy bear is driving Alvin and Simon nuts, so they decide to rewire the bear’s hard drive. Then, Alvin is none-too thrilled about going back to school, that is until he sees the new Principal and falls in love at first sight!

Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks – “A is for Alien/Jeanette Enchanted” – 12:30 p.m.
When Theodore disappears from his bed, leaving a blob of sticky, green slime behind, Alvin is POSITIVE that Theodore has been kidnapped by aliens! Then, it’s Jeanette’s birthday but she doesn’t want to celebrate it, since she no longer believes in the magic of this special day.

Sunday, May 7
Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – Movie Premiere – at 10 a.m.
The world famous singing chipmunk trio return to deal with the pressures of school, celebrity status and a rival female music group, The Chipettes: Eleanor (voiced by Amy Poehler, Inside Out), Jeanette (voiced by Anna Faris, Mom) and Brittany (voiced by Christina Applegate, Bad Moms).

Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks – “Sister Act/Lil’T” – 12 p.m.
Following a fight with Brittany, Eleanor decides to move in with Alvin and his brothers. Then, when his brothers won’t listen to Theodore’s song, he posts a video of himself rapping on the Internet and it becomes a mega-hit

Alvinnn!!! and The Chipmunks – “Slippin Thru My Fingers/Bully For You” – 12:30 p.m.
When Dave becomes too overbearing, the Chipmunks decide to find him a new girlfriend. Then, when an accident forces Simon to wear his embarrassing old glasses, he becomes the target of the school bully.

Following the weekend’s festivities, Alvin and the crew will move to their regular timeslot,Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Gratitude and Being Grateful

11th October 2012

Gratitude is a wonderful thing.

My oldest is learning about gratitude and showing gratitude in school right now. He came home with a small assignment he had to work on and he was given a week to complete it. Whenever he felt grateful about something, he had to note it and what he did to show gratitude for the situation.

This kid is such a doll and he’s sensitive and sweet. I’m quite sure he gets it from me.

This is some of what he came up with:

  • I showed gratitude for making the choir by singing my best at practice.
  • I showed gratitude for earning video game time by hugging my mom.
  • I’m grateful my dad made it to Hong Kong safely. I showed gratitude by emailing him and telling him I love him.

There’s more but these were the ones I was allowed to share. Little dude has rules.

I think the best way we can teach our kids is by really talking to them. We personally take every opportunity to talk things out with the kids. We talk about things we hear on the radio and the news, things we hear at school or through friends. We have the kids talk it out with us and we welcome questions, no matter what they are. We always ask them how they would feel in a certain situation so they can feel gratitude, but also empathy for others. I just think the absolute best thing that we can do for our kids is be open to conversation, and let them know that. When they’re young, there are so many teachable moments and you have to take advantage of that.

I also think that we must teach gratitude for things that have nothing to do with material items – in the end that’s just crap really. We do that by pointing out all the glorious things you see when you look out the window, for example.

Looking out the window – what a concept!

As a little girl, my dad would pile us kids into the baby blue Thunderbird with its white pleather seats and we would go for drives through the country every Sunday. We would roll down the windows, drive by many farms and my dad would insist that we point out all the animals and make the animal sounds. We would drive and drive until we got to the next town and the Dairy Queen and we would stop for ice cream. Then we would turn around and do the same thing all the way home. We LOVED it as kids because my dad worked so many hours and it was our special time with him, that we could depend on. It was nice and predictable and we loved every moment. We had his attention and we could talk and laugh and enjoy each other. My parents loved it just as much as we did.

Now, we do the same with our kids and every time my little sweethearts point out the horses and the cows and the sheep, I get a little emotional while having a personal flashback. I see how much joy they get from something so simple and I just love that.

It feels good to know that they can be thankful for things that really matter. My daughter made a little “thank you for” mobile at school last week for our Thanksgiving, and I loved what she said she was thankful for.

(family, MY BED, KittiNS)

(raiN, mY house, SUNSeTS)

I may or may not have cried (with joy) when I saw her choices, because it was just confirmation that the little moments are the ones that really count. I knew at that moment that those times that we played in the rain, those times we ate ice cream while watching the sunset, those times we spoke about how lucky we are to have a home and a warm bed to sleep in, really mattered.

For that I am grateful.

This Is Where I’m From

5th July 2011

I just saw this meme on Stephanie’s blog, and many bloggers have blogged their own version, but it originates here. I thought it was really special, so here is my version.

I am from Cabbage Patch Dolls and Barbie dolls, from board games and dancing to 45s.

I am from a small house with a huge backyard, and a beloved giant tree there to climb. From shared bedrooms, one shower, and rooms just for guests. From shag rug carpet, and beige, beige, beige. From homemade meals, and honey desserts and big family dinners .

I am from gardens filled with green beans, tomatoes and zucchini. I am from a backyard filled with roses, and lilacs that fill the air with their magnificent scent. From swing sets and picnic tables and riding bikes up and down the driveway.

I am from church on Sundays and huge family holidays, from hours spent watching the NBA finals and Wimbledon and from long weekend drives through the country, pointing out farm animals and eating soft ice cream cones in the baby blue Thunderbird.

I am from piles of books, and Walkmans screaming Concrete Blonde. From Pong and Donkey Kong and hours losing at Risk.

I am from practical jokers and funny business, from family comes first and worst case scenarios. From hard work is everything and always remember where you came from. I am from forty years of the family business and everyone pays their dues.

I’m from a small city in Ontario and a smaller village in Greece, from olives and baklava to spinach pies and endless Greek food.

From my dad’s endless bottles of Old Spice, the just in case safety pin on my mom’s beloved cardigans, and the endless hours of fighting, laughing, crying with four very different siblings.

I am from rooms filled with family photos, and photo albums with memories of the old country.

This is me. This is where I’m from.

Here comes ChubbyBunny

19th June 2009

chubbybunny3Since MonkeyBoy debuted on Wednesday, I thought it only fair that I write a post about my daughter’s birth. That is after all in my job description – make everything fair amongst children or face subsequent tantrum. I figure if I give the illusion of fair, I’ve succeeded.

Nasia was born, via c-section, late September 2006. She is the sweetest, loveliest little girl that I could have ever hoped for. She is fascinated by the funniest things but only for a given period of time – she just got over the spoon phase. She gets much attention for her beautiful curly hair, and is just the girliest girl when she wants to be. Having an older brother however, has also given her the ability to appreciate a good superhero, and fight with lightsabers. She loves to dance, loves to sing into her pink microphone and if I could clone that child, I would.

Having a c-section was a very odd experience, and one I had to get used to very quickly. Although she had been head down the entire pregnancy, two days before my due date, the baby decided to flip to breech. My gut reaction told me to panic, but my naive ignorance told me otherwise. All I could think about was that this meant an extra night of rest for me in the hospital, and what sleep deprived mommy doesn’t want that!

So how did it go down you may wonder? Here is my c-section synopsis:

  1. I show up at the hospital starving and pissed at my husband for stopping at McDonald’s on the way (evidently childbirth makes him hungry).
  2. I wait in a small room with a tv and a toilet and put on a lovely blue gown that makes my fat self look like I am actually arriving for gastric bypass surgery.
  3. I wait and wait, and try not to get more pissed at my husband sitting there with a full stomach, while i enjoy a lovely glass of air.
  4. I have a team of doctors – all total strangers (one doctor, a resident who looks 12, and a gaggle of students who look like they should be in daycare, and actually came in to use the potty), arrive to tell me that I may actually die during the operation.
  5. I drink the sodium citrate poison as I go to the o.r. alone, because my husband has to wait outside and take pictures of himself in scrubs, because that’s as close to being a doctor as he will ever get.
  6. I sit down on a gurney in a freezing cold o.r. while my ass is out for everyone to laugh at, and everyone keeps  reassuring me that everything will be over soon. Meanwhile, I keep wondering if it’s the surgery that will be over soon, or the little dignity I have left.
  7. I get a freezing shot, an epidural shot, and 2 or 3 other shots in my back while I slowly hyperventilate, and go numb at the same time.
  8. I lie down on the table, strapped, trapped and crapping myself because I know what’s coming.
  9. My husband is now in the room, with this goofy look on his face, because he just realized that he’s had to do NOTHING but donate a couple of sperm to the process, and he feels like a total putz because he knows what’s coming too.
  10. I get sliced and diced, they pull out the babe, who is a WHITE BLOB by the way, all the while my hubby takes a million pictures that NO ONE will ever see, because they involve my guts splayed on a table, and who wants to see that?

So there you have it, that’s pretty much what happened. Of course they closed me up and cleaned me up (via a lovely sponge bath that I highly enjoyed and recommend – thanks to Nurse Christine; I forgive you). Seriously, two years later, and I still think about that sponge bath. In the end however, none of it mattered as soon as I got to hold my little lady. She was a perfectly cherubic little girl that I affectionately called my chubby bunny.

I still her call her my bunny. When she smiles, which is often, you get to see the perfect little gap between her two front teeth. My husband always calls her Lori Hutton (He means LAUREN Hutton – he’s slow on the uptake, what can I tell you). She is a stubborn little thing too, just like her mommy. Actually all of her delightful traits are a direct result of my ability to birth her from my womb.

Coincidence? I think not.

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