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First Day of School – Grade Two and Junior Kindergarten

7th September 2010

The summer break is officially over. I am in denial. I can’t believe the school year has begun – where did the summer go???

Our proud six year old headed off to his first day of Grade Two today, looking totally adorable. He said he was excited about going back, to see all his “fwends” and to have fun outside with all the boys. Thankfully, he ended up having a great day and he’s really happy with his nice new teacher, so day one was definitely a win.

AND…..after much debate and waffling (on my part), we decided that our three year old was going to start Junior Kindergarten today after all. She was beyond thrilled and although it was just a one hour introduction to the classroom, and we were there with her the entire time, she had no problem leaving us behind to check things out, and have a little chat with her new teacher. I’m so glad that  she has the same teacher as my son did – I totally adore her. I actually affectionately refer to her as “Mary Poppins on steroids”. She’s good people.

I’m crossing my fingers there will be no crying on Friday, and by no crying, I mean me. I hope both kids are able to adapt and transition into the routine quickly and that I remember to Purel them from head to do every day after school.

How was the first day back for your little ones???

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