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The Happy Police

17th February 2011

Being a mom isn’t just about being a mom.

It’s about being a teacher.

It’s about being a cook.

It’s about being a nurse.

It’s about being a hugger.

It’s about being an example.

It’s also about being the happy police.

Happiness is something we all want for our kids. The lovely bonus is that when they’re happy, it emanates, and you as their parent, feel happy, and happy for them.

And yet, it’s not always a simple thing, for them to be happy, at least not all the time.

It’s a goal nevertheless.

In my attempt to procure those toothy grins of self-esteem, there are things I say to my kids every day. Things like I love you no matter what, I’m so proud of you, you are a good person – the list goes on and on.

I also like to read this children’s board book to them that I absolute adore, by Monica Sheehan called Be Happy: A Little Book For A Happy You. Every page has a simple, yet important message, including:

Don’t compare yourself with others.


Be curious!

Be brave!

Be thankful for all the people and things you love!

Be happy about being you!

Mommy – a.k.a. The Happy Police

No pressure.

Happiness is …..

27th June 2010

when my 3 year old sits calmly (and beautifully) for a picture.

a 6 year old boy with a sense of humour than can rival any adult’s.

finding out what fun can be found in a $2 novelty.

watching a little boy just be a boy, down to his core.

two little cousins, “bess fwends” and “pwincesses”.

seeing yourself in your child’s eyes.

a new lovely, perfect, sweet smelling baby niece.

Lost somewhere in Madrid

6th July 2009

I’m thinking about my old self today, and its a bummer. I pulled out my honeymoon photo albums last night for some self-inflicted torture and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I hadn’t looked at them in a while, and now I know why. I was SO thin and looked SO happy. I could almost remember the feeling just by looking at those pictures. Yes, I know you can be happy and not thin, and you can be thin and not happy, but I was both on that trip. Why did I have to lose that? Why can’t I get it back? There have been glimpses here and there, but I’ve never truly been back to my happiest time. It wasn’t all about the glee of being a newlywed – although the groom was pretty perfect in my eyes. I was truly content with myself as a person, as a woman.


Where the hell did that go?


How am I ever going to get it back?

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