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Happy Birthday Roald Dahl! #RoaldDahlMonth #Giveaway

24th September 2015


I love weird and different.

I love smart and entertaining.

I LOVE funny and bizarre.

This is a few of the reasons I LOVE ROALD DAHL and his books. I can’t think of another author that I like that is so quirky and strange, and yet so beloved and respected by so many adults and kids alike.

There are so many wonderful messages in each of his books, they’re just impossible not to love.


September is his birthday month, so Penguin Kids has declared it Roald Dahl Month in celebration. I’m all for it! To celebrate, I’m giving away a Roald Dahl prize pack that will include three Roald Dahl books of your choice, and a Roald Dahl event kit that will include a poster, sticker sheet, bookmarks, and a word search.


This giveaway is open to U.S. RESIDENTS only this time! The giveaway will run until September 30th, 2015 and you can enter below! Good luck!!

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The Birthday Girl

27th September 2010

My gorgeous little girl is four years old today.

How did this happen?

Her birthday wishes this year include Barbies, and a pink scooter, among other things.


She’s the funniest little person I know.

She loves to sing and dance, and is always on the move.

She loves loves loves her big brother, and imitates him every chance she gets.

She loves wearing dresses and being a girly girl, and yet can keep up with any boy – she is not easily intimidated.

She can usually be found wearing some kind of costume, whether it be a tiara, a tutu or a cape.

She has the biggest heart, the sweetest smile and the most delicious cheeks.

She’s so excited about being in Junior Kindergarten and being a “big girl now!”

She’s the sweetest and toughest little person I know.

I love her so much it makes me want to cry to be honest.


Happy Birthday Bunny

Love you forever xx

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