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All I Want For Mother’s Day

12th May 2012

Mother’s Day is this weekend and that means that I will be spoiled and pampered and regaled all day Sunday.

Probably not.

I’ve been married a LONG time (11+ years) and a mom for 8+ years, and I’ve learned that the secret to a happy (LASTING) marriage and life is to LOWER ONE’S EXPECTATIONS.

Now let me just say that I have what I really want for Mother’s Day:

However, I’m always open to helping the husband along with a list or a strategically placed catalog because he’s always so desperate to please me (insert sarcastic cackles here).

SO, I’ve decided to share a few ideas of what I would LOVE for Mother’s Day.

  • I would love to sleep in. I do not exist before 9 a.m.
  • I would LOVE to go out for breakfast for some Eggs Benny because, YUM.
  • I would love something from the kids that they made/drew/wrote for me. (I know I’m getting this one because they both informed me NOT to look under their beds or I would “be arrested.”)
  • Also, if you happen to be anywhere near a Roots store, best husband ever, I like this one:

Oh and look at the Links of London shiny things:

Oh and anything from Chuck works for me but look at him sparkle:

You are welcome, husband.



May you get the love, recognition and respect you all deserve!

Happy Mother’s Day

7th May 2011

Wishing a VERY SPECIAL Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved mom – the most dedicated stay-at-home mom/homemaker I’ve ever known. Mother of five, Mother-in-law to four, and Grandmother of eight. Everyone who meets her, loves her instantly. She lives for her family and we love her so much. And even though she’ll never see this, she deserves a shout out, today and every day.

(Look how big she’s smiling, even though I married a non-Greek. Best Mom ever.)

She is personality plus – and this pic says it all. In fact I have many hilarious pics of her but she would kick my ass if I dared put them on “the computer”.

Wishing every mom out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! My greatest wish for every one of you is that you be appreciated every single day!

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