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And Then She Turned Six

27th September 2012

My sweet baby girl is six today!

She’s given me six years of joy and love, and an endless supply of wet smoochy kisses.

She makes me laugh out loud with her hilarious observations and her snarky attitude.

She is helpful and polite and such a lovely little soul.

She’s everyone’s friend, but don’t mess with her because she won’t put up with it.

She loves to read and sing and shake her little booty constantly. Her joy and fun nature is absolutely contagious.

She adores her brother, her partner in crime, her best friend.

She has the kindest heart, and cares for others with such empathy and innocence.

She is the life of the party.  I could not love her more if I tried.

She is absolute joy. My absolute joy.

Happy Birthday Sunshine. Love you forever.

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