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12th December 2011

We have been HexBug fans in our house for years.

We discovered HexBug years ago, when Santa brought us an Original Hexbug – my son was around four and totally fascinated with it. I thought it was really cool, and a unique toy. I’m not a fan of bugs, but robotic ones have a ringing endorsement from me anytime!

Since we discovered the original, the company has expanded its product line with the Inchworm, Crab, Ant, Spider and Nano – all of which we own and gets major play in our house. The Hexbug Nano bugs also have several sets that allow you to create these huge habitats for hours of fun play (seriously, I’ve timed my kids – they’ve played quietly with their Hexbug toys for HOURS).

So, you can imagine how their heads exploded, when the lovely people of Hexbug sent them a huge box of all things Nano recently – they were ecstatic.

The kids were sent:

  • 1 HEXBUG Nano 5-Pack
  • 5 Glows in the Dark HEXBUG Nano bugs
  • 1 Glow in the Dark HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set
  • 1 HEXBUG Nano Spiral Starter Set
  • 1 HEXBUG Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set
  • 1 HEXBUG Nano Elevation Habitat Set
  • 1 Carton of “Bug Food” (batteries)

The kids were so excited to play with all their new loot, so we opened the packages immediately and they got to work, creating the biggest habitat they could by using all their pieces. The great thing about these toys are both my kids LOVE them, despite their age difference. Even my five year old daughter enjoys putting the pieces together to create long tracks for the bugs to travel in. The pieces are easy to assemble and take apart and durable enough to not worry about breakage.

All the sets work seamlessly with one another, so you can purchase one to start with (all sets come with their own Hexbug Nano bug) and build from there. The glow in the dark sets are a newer addition, and we hadn’t experienced them before, but they work great. We exposed them to light up close, and turned off all the lights to enjoy watching the bugs glow. Just a fun add to an already cool toy.

Not surprisingly, Hexbug toys are award-winners – “2011 also marked the year that the Toy Industry Association recognized HEXBUG with the Specialty Toy of the Year Award, a further indication that HEXBUG had developed into a globally recognized brand with international popularity and demand from customers, mass retailers, and specialty shops in more than 25 countries worldwide.”

If you’re looking for a great gift idea this holiday season, Hexbugs are the way to go for sure. You can throw the individual bugs in stockings, or gift the special little people in your life with one of the great sets available.  They have many options at different price points, so you should definitely check Hexbug out when shopping for the kids in your life.

You can find Hexbug online here, on Twitter and on Facebook too.

**Right now you should head over to the Hexbug website to check out their 12 Days of Holiday Hexmas for a great deal every day, until the 16th.**

Disclaimer: I was sent the products mentioned above, for the purposes of a review, but my thoughts as always, are my own.

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