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Smithsonian Design: The Definitive Visual History #awesomegifts

26th November 2015

smithsonian design book

Smithsonian Design: The Definitive Visual History lays out the complete evolution of design, from its origins in early cultures to the contemporary design – physical and digital – of today. This comprehensive volume covers every major design movement, along with the iconic designers and manufacturers who influenced everyday life through the objects and buildings they created.

If you’re a fan of design, you will absolutely love this book. Smithsonian Design is a gorgeous coffee table book that covers all aspects of design. It takes the reader through the evolution of design, from the Arts & Crafts period (1850-1920) to the Mid-Century Modern (1940-1959) to the Postmodern & Contemporary of the 80s and onward, and everything in between. At the back of the book, you’ll also find a glossary of design terms and a designer index.


Smithsonian Design is full of large, gorgeous photographs that complement the book beautifully. In each section, key dates are outlined and after a brief description of the era, specific pieces are highlighted, naming the designer and estimated date of the piece. There are also several pages that focus on the evolution of the design of specific items, such as chairs. This really gives you a great glimpse of how the design has changed over the last century.


If you’re looking for #awesomegifts this holiday season, this is a winner. I’m such a fan of DK Canada coffee table books – they’re always such a beautiful and quality read. They have something for everyone, so make sure to click on the #awesomegifts graphic below to take you to some other great gift ideas from DK Canada. You can find DK Smithsonian Design online at Indigo.

dk awesome gifts

Holiday Gift Ideas With Crayola And a Giveaway!

23rd November 2015


The holiday season is here and it’s time to get shopping for everyone on your list.

My kids started their lists weeks ago – they’ve taped them to the fridge and just keep adding to them as they see things they want. I figure they’ll have a short story by the time we get to December. Lucky me.

My 9 year old always has something from Crayola on her list – she loves being creative and art and is very imaginative. ‘Crayola believes in the genius of imagination, the power of play and the magic of dreams.’  I love that and I’m all for it.

Crayola has some great gift ideas that would be perfect for this holiday season. We had a chance to try some of them out and they are definite winners!

Crayola Crayon Carver


The Crayola Crayon Carver is a multiple award winner and geared to kids ages 6+. The Crayon Carver allows kids to experience engraving by tracing. First, you remove the crayon wrapper using the included wrapper ripper tool. You then place the crayon into the chamber to hold it in place. You select the tiles for the message you want to engrave, and then you trace the tiles which will simultaneously engrave the message into the crayon. This was one of my daughter’s favourites and she was amused with it for a long time. It was a definite hit.

Easy Animation Studio


Another award-winner is the Easy Animation Studio, geared to kids ages 8+. To use this toy, you must download the Animation Studio app. The toy includes the mannequin and stand, a 30 page booklet, coloured pencils and a device stand. First, you choose which character you want to play with and colour and design it front and back, and then scan it in to your smartphone or tablet. You then place your device in the stand and position the mannequin in various poses. The on-screen character you scanned earlier then mimics the poses of the mannequin and records it as a video.

My daughter LOVED playing with this and didn’t require any help setting it up. She had a great time making videos and recording her voice into them, and then showing them off. Another hit!

Cling Creator, Thread Wrapper and Light-Up Stamper


Need more award-winning ideas for prezzies this year? The Cling Creator allows you to create clings using included molds that will stick to and peel from virtually any surface. You can make up to 20 clings but refill packs are available as well.

The Crayola Creations Thread Wrapper is a motorized threading machine that allows you to style things you own with colourful threads. The Thread Wrapper comes with six spools of thread but you can use any thread with the machine. You can also use Crayola markers to add colour to the threads as well.

The Light-Up Stamper kit allows for mess free colouring by using Color Wonder inks. These inks are clear but the Light-Up Stamper kit actually lights up so you can see what colour you’re using. The great thing about Color Wonder inks is that they don’t colour or mess up your clothes or furniture or anything. It’s delightful.

Crayola has so many great gift options for the holiday season, and I want to help you get started. I’m giving away two of these fun products – The Crayon Carver and the Easy Animation Studio (valued at $60). You can enter below via Rafflecopter – the giveaway is open to Canadian Residents only and will run until December 1, 2015. GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards 2011

10th November 2011

It’s that time again!!

I told myself that this year that I would not fall terribly behind like I did last year. This year, I will actually order my cards early enough to get them sent out BEFORE Christmas. It will happen! (Positive thinking is everything)

There are so many great options out there for personalized holiday cards, and one that always stands out is TINY PRINTS.

Let me just put this out there first – I LOVE getting Christmas cards. LOVE. At this time of year, I literally RUN to the mailbox every day to see if I got new cards. (Take that as you like – ie. send me a XMAS CARD!!)

As I was saying, Tiny Prints have so many lovely designs, but I’ve managed to narrow them down to my favorite three:


This lovely is called Simply Merry.

It’s sweet and simple and I love the rounded edges and dotted detail on the back.

The only way I could improve upon it is to switch out that sweet babe for my own little ones.

The red detail can be switched out for this lovely blue or black as well.

Also, you can choose to change the shape of the card, as well as the weight of the paper.


How about this gem called the Angelic Banner: Dijon

These are actually ornament cards – how cute, right?

They even come with double-faced satin ribbons to hang them on your tree.

I love how different these are and if  you look around the site, you’ll see several different designs that you can choose from that can still be hung as ornaments.

Love them.


Another cute design is this folded card, Merry Fine Black

I think this one is a great choice if you have two pics that you want to use, and they happen to be fun and colorful.

This card also comes in different shapes as well.

The price for this card (and the others above and on the site) will depend on the quantity you buy. The more you buy the better the price.

I’ve received Tiny Prints cards in the past (as well as their business cards) and they’re really nice – their quality is lovely.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to take the great shots you’re going to use, to choose the cards you want and of course, to get them in time to prepare them and send them off.

In other words, DON’T WAIT!!! Check out Tiny Prints Holiday cards here!

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