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How to feel closer to your teen a la Netflix #StreamTeam

2nd May 2017

My son just turned 13 in December. So I’m new at this teenager thing, but damn it comes on fast and it comes on strong, no?

New greys and wrinkles, welcome! They’ll be more on the way to keep you company, I promise.

So how do I feel closer to my teen? If I asked him, his answer would be simple:

  1. Never say no.
  2. Get over the fact that electronics are what I want to be doing ALL THE TIME.
  3. Feed me pasta for every meal.

Ok so that’s a tad jaded, but Mommy is TIRED of the teenager schtick already. But there is hope!

A recent NETFLIX study revealed that watching your teen’s shows with them makes them feel closer to you. Canadian parents (82%) admit they are already watching shows like Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars and Stranger Things to feel closer to their teenager. And teens around the world (74%) are on board, saying they’d be interested in talking to parents about the shows they watch, with both sides (89% of parents and 70% of teens) seeing it as a strong way to bond.

When it comes to tough conversations (think sex, bullying and stress), parents (79%) and teens (65%) agree that watching the same shows could help start a dialogue. And most teens (71%) even admit that having their parents watch their favourite shows could help them better understand what’s going on in their lives. I actually do find that this is a great way to start a dialogue. In fact, parenting a teenager involves and should involve a lot of dialoguing if you want to have a clue about what is going on in your kid’s life. I absolutely agree with this. Dialogue until you’re blue in the face, people!!

What should you be watching? Well, it’s definitely going to depend on your kid. Am I going to watch Orange is the New Black with my 13 year old? HELLS NO. Not happening. The Office is more our jam, but that’s a personal thing of course. And it will depend on age, maturity, and all that fun stuff. Maybe this infographic will help you figure it out.

Oh and hug your teenagers constantly. They’ll act like they hate it but they secretly love it.

Happy Watching!

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