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Things That Need To Be Invented ASAP

18th March 2013

I’m sitting here trying to convince myself to deal with the laundry. And then I thought, hey if only I had paid attention during math and science, (turns out we really do need that crap), I could have invented something to do it for me. Actually, I would invent many things.

  1. Laundry that puts itself away. Obviously.
  2. Starbucks Delivery with 24 hrs/day availability.
  3. Along the same vein – Caffeine IVs. #pun intended
  4. The invisible punch – for those you want to punch from afar and without consequence.
  5. Cute pets that eat dust bunnies to survive.
  6. Ice cream that doesn’t melt.
  7. Dogs that don’t poop.
  8. Dog poop that cannot be stepped on.
  9. The elusive money tree.
  10. The pillow that is always cold – no need to ever flip it over.
  11. Doctors that see you on time.
  12. Instant lobotomies – for those who need instant lobotomies.
  13. The Cardigan Club – A new cardigan at your door, every month. Seriously, this one could ACTUALLY happen.
  14. The Man Cold Bubble for when the man has a cold and you just don’t want to deal with that shit.
  15. Sons of Anarchy in 3D, but only when Jax is on screen, and only if he’s shirtless/pantless/all of the above.

What am I missing?

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