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The Funny Six Year Old – Future Drama Queen Or Soap Opera Actress

30th May 2013

My funny six year old is a character.

She sings all day long and most of the time, it’s something she’s come up with. Her songs always involve love which is funny because she is the first to tell you how much she “hates womance”.

She also draws and writes all day long. There isn’t a piece of paper, napkin or box in this house that doesn’t have her little etchings on them. We are also not allowed to throw any of her creations away, ever – future hoarder in our midst.

So, the other day, I find this piece of paper with her writing on both sides of it and of course, I read it. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I actually had to ask her where she copied the words from because I’m still finding it hard to believe that she wrote them on her own.

However, she insists that she did and they’re just too good not to share.

(I had a Heart. you took it right away. I needed you. then left some day. I loved you. you took me in your heart. then i saw the musical number of life.)

(why I want to be with you. I had a mix up. I loved you then I hate you now. I Left forever.)

I mean, seriously??

This kid is a gem or a future soap opera actress. Of course, I can’t help but imagine this kind of angst during the teenage years and just want to start drinking now in preparation.

But for now, I’ll enjoy her drama queeness – it’s adorable, most of the time.

The rest of the time, I sleep with one eye open.

Disclaimer: Yes, I asked if I could share this and she was cool with it, otherwise I wouldn’t have shared it. Believe me, you don’t want to mess with the wrath of this darling six year old. 

Letters to Santa

13th December 2011

It’s that time again – the kids are making their painfully long lists and writing their letters to Santa.

This year, the five year old girly is especially excited about asking Santa for live animals evidently.


I told her that Santa probably doesn’t travel with pets, but she refused to change her letter.

I suppose learning to be disappointed at an early age, can only make her stronger.


The eight year old wasn’t really keen on writing a letter at all, despite being a fan of the big guy.

However, he was worried he might be forgotten so he threw something together in about 30 seconds and not surprisingly, it involves video games. Shocker.

He also asked Santa if he had a sibling because the kids are watching Fred Claus on a loop every time we’re in the car, so he needed to verify whether the movie was in fact a biography or just “something for kids to laugh at.”


I would also like to point out that I accidentally typed SATAN more often than SANTA while writing this wee post.

Read into it what you will.


P.S. Dear Santa, remind my man friend that the iPad is LONG overdue to be gifted to moi. Thanks.

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