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Surviving the Holiday Break with Kids AND Netflix #StreamTeam

31st December 2016

The Christmas Holidays are coming to an end…..or are they?

Yes, it’s New Year’s eve but with school not back until the 9th, the holiday break continues. It’s ok though. The kids have promised not to fight, yell or say they’re bored for the next nine days.

It could happen.

In the meantime, we’ll amuse ourselves with various xmas gifts, activities involving snow, sprinkles and bowling balls and of course, NETFLIX!!!

With the release of some great new shows this month like Gilmore Girls, Fuller House Season 2 and the new Netflix/Dreamworks series Trollhunters, the odds of hearing I’m bored from the brood will hopefully be greatly diminished.

I’d also like to send Netflix a personal thank you for their new download option, so the kids have something to watch on the holiday road trips. It really cuts down on the slapfights when their hands are busy holding their ipads, so thank you so much.

And if you have younger kids, don’t forget to take advantage of their on-demand New Year’s Eve countdown options. You can choose from ten different videos, from Beat Bugs to Skylanders to Fuller House, and make it midnight whenever you want the little people to head to bed. I miss those days, when I could trick my kids into going to bed at 8pm.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone has a fun New Year’s Eve! I’ll be here binge watching Life in Pieces (again) in my flannel penguin pyjamas, with a Diet Coke i.v. and sour cream and onion chips on standby. Jealous?



Philips Sonicare Toothbrush For Kids – Review

11th December 2011

Is it weird that I’m kind of obsessed with paying attention to my kids’ teeth?

I don’t know about you, but trying to get my eight year old son to brush his teeth is beyond painful. In fact, even when he does brush them, I usually catch him brushing him with water or maybe just the front teeth.

In the end, I’m either standing there, watching him and instructing what to do or I am actually brushing his teeth to ensure that he’s doing it right. I’m not totally sure who hates this more.

It’s not fun at all.

Luckily my five year old daughter thinks brushing her teeth is the best thing ever, and she’ll brush them ten times a day if I don’t stop her.

See, it all balances out in the end.

Enter Philips Sonicare Toothbrushes to the rescue!!!!

A while back I had the chance to test out my own Sonicare Flexcare Toothbrush, and loved it. Then I had the chance to check out the Sonicare spa suite at Blissdom Canada ,which was fantastic. Between the numerous lattes and massages, I noticed that there were also Sonicare toothbrushes for kids. So I was very excited to have the chance to try out the Sonicare toothbrushes with the kids.

First of all, when they arrived, my son was very excited to try them out – seriously begging me to open the package a.s.a.p. so he could check out all the cool stuff they do. My five year old just thought they looked “very pretty” and wanted hers to decorate. Receiving the brushes and having the kids use them confirmed what I assumed – that these are fantastic power toothbrushes.

Why is this toothbrush so fab?

  • They come with three interchangeable panels, so kids can make their toothbrush their own.
  • Each toothbrush comes with two heads – one for younger kids, one for older.
  • The toothbrushes have a timer (which can be set at one or two minutes) to help kids brush their teeth long enough.
  • There are musical tones, that are reminders to move to a different area for brushing, so that no section is missed – really my favorite part of this brush.
My kids now use these brushes every day, and they are actually brushing more than just their front teeth, and for longer than a few seconds. They literally enjoy brushing their teeth now, and anything that makes them want to brush their teeth is a huge win.


The Philips Sonicare Toothbrushes for kids are also ergonomically designed to allow your kids to have  a nice grip while they brush, no matter what their age. The brushes are pricier than a manual brush of course, $69.99 CDN MSRP at Loblaws, Wal-Mart and Shoppers Drug Mart, ($49.99 on Amazon right now – as of the Dec. 11 post date), but once purchased you only have to switch out the brush head.
I think promoting proper dental care from an early age is super important and using a toothbrush like this one with young kids, can really help make the process easier and fun as well.
For more info on the Philips Sonicare Toothbrush for Kids – check out their site.

My Little Starbucks Baristas

1st November 2011

Just wanted to throw up a quick post to share what the kids wore trick or treating last night.

They looked beyond adorable despite the number of layers I made them wear – it was gorgeous out, but a wee bit cold.

Everyone loved their costumes, and they got tons of comments and compliments which filled them with joy.

Thanks Lindsay for helping me out with the Starbucks goodies!

Hope everyone had a great night!

Good luck avoiding the chocolate – I’m failing miserably at it!!


Some Parenting Advice From This Mom

29th September 2011

I’m not Supernanny, or any type of expert in anything but drinking lattes, but I felt compelled to write this post today.

I’m just a Mom who wants to share some parenting advice to other Moms – because I’m a mom, but I was also a kid once too.

  • TELL YOUR KIDS YOU LOVE THEM – Don’t assume your kids know that you love them, and please don’t say that your kids “know you love them” so you don’t have to say it. Take it from me, your kids need to hear it. They WANT to hear it, and often. Say it every day, say it all the time. It’s such a little thing that makes such a difference. Believe me when I tell you that even as adults, you can remember that your mom or dad never said I love you, even though you know they did.
  • BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS – Tell your kids that they can tell you anything, no matter what it is and that you’ll love them regardless. Tell them that you are their biggest supporter and greatest ally. Not feeling that you can talk to your parents about the scary stuff is so alienating and sad.
  • BE POSITIVE – Instead of taking the negative approach, focus on the positive. Make a point of reinforcing the good behavior instead of only punishing the bad stuff. Feeling like you never do anything right just sucks. I promise you, your kids take that feeling with them into adulthood – it’s not something that is forgotten just because they grew up.
  • TRUST GOES BOTH WAYS – There comes a point where you have to trust your kids to make the right decisions – give them that opportunity. They might fail, they might make a mistake or make a bad choice, but that’s how kids learn.  Overprotect them to the point of suffocating them and  they will resent you – another feeling that never quite goes away.
  • DON’T PLAY FAVORITES – It’s one thing to tell your kids that you love them all equally, and it’s another to show it. Don’t play favorites because one child is easier to parent than the other – just don’t. Don’t encourage or reward tattling and don’t use your kids as a means to finding out what the other kid is doing. Create and encourage an environment where your kids want to spend time together, where they want to be each other’s confidant, where they are each other’s best friend. Your children eventually grow up and remember that you played favorites, and that resentment will show in their adult relationships with their siblings.
  • IT’S THEIR LIFE – Don’t live your life through your kids. Their life is their own, and at some point they will grow up and want to be their own person. Stopping them from doing that on the premise that you’re protecting them is just wrong. You don’t want them to go away for school because you didn’t? Tough shit – how is that their fault? Don’t you want your kids to have every opportunity? Can you live with yourself knowing that their potential might have been snuffed out by your over-protectiveness? Trust me when I tell you, they will hate you for it.
  • YOU CAN BE A MOM AND STILL HAVE A LIFE – Your own life didn’t end when you became a mom. You still have the right to live out your dreams and aspirations, and you can still do that and be a great mom. Don’t stop living your life – your kids eventually grow up and then what? Will you blame your kids for the fact that you have “no life” because your kids have left the nest? Your life is your own, and if you do nothing with it – then look in the mirror and ask yourself why you let that happen. Carve out the time to be yourself, because you deserve it and so does your sanity.
I hope this post doesn’t sound preachy – that’s not the point of this post. It’s about me sharing some things I’ve noticed, and perhaps experienced in some way.
I support you Moms. You deserve to be happy. So do I.

A Family Trip To The Toronto Zoo

1st September 2011

Last Sunday, we surprised the kids with a trip to the Toronto Zoo – and we had a  BLAST.

It had been over three years since the last time we had been there, so both kids had zero recollection of the last trip, and since both are very interested in animals, we thought it was the perfect time to go.

We left early for Toronto and got there just after 10 a.m., at the same time as hundreds of other families. Other than the short wait at the door to buy tickets, the zoo is huge and can easily host all those people and not feel crowded or rushed in any way. We paid for our tickets, and also paid the extra $2.50 each so that we could see the special Stingray exhibit.

We walked for HOURS, and not once did we hear, “I’m bored” – I call that a total win.

My four year old loved the penguins, and we happily bought her a stuffed penguin and another penguin toy because, “Mommy I love penguins so much I have to have them at my home too, ok?”

My seven year old, who has become quite the adventurous spirit in his old age, was very excited about seeing the stingray exhibit. Both he and his dad pet the stingrays, and my son even fed the stingrays some dead fish. This from a kid who was afraid of his own shadow less than a year ago. Every time he touched a stingray, he giggled and shrieked – it was fun to watch. His other favorite (and mine too) were the jellyfish – he and I stood and watched them for a very long time. They are really amazing to look at.

If I have one major complaint, it’s that the animals refused to perform for us. Seriously, the lion was unimpressed, the giraffe completely ignored us and the polar bear was snoring away. Did they not know we were coming?? Also, FYI, animals smell – some more than others (I’m looking at you boa constrictor). 

If we lived closer, we would have bought a membership but sadly we’re too far away to take advantage of the membership’s value. But, we had a blast and will definitely be back.

Take your little people to the Toronto Zoo – they’ll love it.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by no one but my husband’s wallet – thanks man friend.

Praying Mantis

24th August 2011

Seriously, my husband is a full fledged weirdo.

A couple weeks ago, he rushed home early from work with a stick bug in a box.

Today, he brought home a praying mantis.

Evidently, he found this outside of his office again. I’m not sure how this happens – is he out there crawling around on the ground in search of a praying mantis? Dude, bugs don’t pay the bills.

But wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

Of course, the kids were thrilled, and by kids I mean my son and his daddy.

If the husband brings home a millipede next, I’m OUT.


14th July 2011

My four year old is obsessed with cats.


Obsessed in a way that mommy likes her lattes.

It’s serious.

All she talks about are her “kitties” and cats and how we “need to buy one!”

Thankfully (ahem), the four year old’s daddy is very allergic to cats. Like super allergic. Like so allergic that if he doesn’t start putting the clothes IN the hamper as opposed to on the floor next to it, he’s getting locked in a Room O’ Cats.

Not that I would ever consider such a thing.

Also, don’t hate me, but I am not a cat person.

I don’t HATE cats per se, but I don’t like them or want them in my house or want them coming anywhere near my personal space bubble.

Also, you couldn’t pay me enough money to clean up after a cat (or a dog for that matter). Seriously, I have wiped little people for seven years – I have paid my dues, people.

So yes, I have a little four year old who is DESPERATE for a cat – so desperate that she’s willing to trade in her daddy for a cat.

I know this because we’ve had that convo – many times. This makes me laugh – ’cause it’s funny.

Every chance she gets to make a wish, it’s always about the cat – “I wish I gets a cat. I wish my Mommy buys me a kitty. I wish my Daddy be no allergic.”

Not happening, little one.

But I love my kid. A lot. And I want all her dreams to come true. As long as her dreams don’t involve cats. And pageants.

So for now, I buy her happiness.

I buy her happiness with stuffed cats, because stuffed cats I LOVE.

In Good Times We Trust

8th July 2011

My kids love an adventure.

It might be a weekend away, a trip to the park, or a walk downtown to our favorite bakery –  no matter how big or small, it is a treasured moment.

And no matter what, they always say the same thing to me on the way home,

“This was the best day ever, Mommy.”


The last couple of weeks, we’ve had some great moments including:

The Princess graduating from JK to SK!

Breakfast in bed on a weekend away.

Going to the movies to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins (We loved it – hard not to love an animated penguin!)

Enjoying a Canada day cookie while waiting for the fireworks to begin!

Discovering her first loose tooth!

The start of swimming lessons, which they absolutely LOVE.

This is going to be a great summer.

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