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Siblings – Love and Rivalry

8th June 2011

Look at these little sweeties.

I made them.

I am aces at creating humans.


But, I cannot lie – the little people confuse me.

They operate on two spectrums – love and fight.

When they’re in each other’s good books, they can play for HOURS, they laugh, they giggle, they are a dream.

When they’re fighting, it’s this continuous banter of ” Go away, you’re bothering me, I wish I had a sister, don’t touch my toys, leave me alone, that’s mine!”

It would drive any sane person to drink. Heavily. This is why I can’t quit the Diet Coke & Starbucks – they are my vodka.

Coming from a family of five kids, I knew that sibling bickering and rivalry would be a given, but I had no idea it would start this early. And let’s be honest, it can only get worse with age, right?

I’m going to have to move out when they hit teenager. And buy super-powered earplugs.

Oh, and I plan on billing them for each gray hair I find from now on until they move out.

I’m nice like that.

Homework vs. No Homework

15th April 2011

I have a seven year old.

At the moment, he is preparing a project that is due on Monday. It’s a book report that involves many parts, including a presentation. He chose Jacob Two-Two and the Hooded Fang for his report – yes, my son is awesome. He had to read the book, create a new cover for the book, write a summary, and pick 5 -10 artifacts that are important to the book and attach a cue card to each with a paragraph explaining why it was picked as important. Once all that’s done, he has to prepare to present it to the class.

Repeat after me – This is GRADE TWO.

It’s been a LONG three weeks – for both of us. Personally, I feel like it would be virtually impossible for a 7-8 year old to complete such a project without the guidance/support/help from a parent. Of course, I’m more than happy to help my guy, but I will admit that I find the whole deal very stressful. I’m not a teacher, and I haven’t done homework in YEARS – and although I am a genius, *insert loud snort here*, the whole thing has made me a total stress case.

To be clear, this isn’t the first time he’s had to do something like this. He had two presentations in Grade one (as a six year old) and he ROCKED them – he memorized the entire presentation. He did so well that he was asked to present to the other Gr. one class as an example of a good  presentation. He’s also already done a presentation early this school year, again doing really well.

In terms of other homework, the only thing that comes home is a spelling list and four worksheets involving those spelling words, once a week. That’s it. Funny enough, in grade one, he had TONS of homework, most nights. Clearly, the teachers are very different in their approach.

Having experienced both sides, I have no idea what is better – tons of homework that comes home consistently or little to no homework at all? I will say that when he did have a ton of homework, I felt more aware of how he was doing. And yes, more homework meant less play time, and much more stress for everyone involved. Of course, my son prefers less homework, but what kid wouldn’t?

So what’s better? There are tons of reports out there – many of them outlining the negative effects of homework like children’s frustration, exhaustion, loss of interest in learning, and some pointing out the positive. Personally, what I wonder about is how prepared the kids will be come high school, where homework will be inevitable.

I just don’t know.

    I would love to know what your experiences have been with your own children. What are your thoughts?

    Harry Potter’s Holidays

    12th January 2011

    Last night, the kids watched some of the first Harry Potter movie after dinner. During the movie, the 4 year old left the room
    to sit in the kitchen, where she spends much of her free time, drawing. She’s a great little artist. When she was finished with her “masterpiece”, she showed me:

    (I labelled the drawing)

    When I asked her to tell me about her drawing, she said,

    “That’s a window and a weef, like for Christmas. This is Harry’s Howidays. That’s Malfoy, Hermione, Won, some dude and Harry.”

    Me: “Who’s the dude?”

    4yo: “I no know, but there’s a lot of dudes in that movie.”

    The Skeleton and the Butterfly

    13th April 2010

    We went to a local home show on the weekend. It was kind of sad really – definitely not what you would get in a bigger city. However, they did have a face painting booth, and the kids were thrilled. So we waited in line so they both could get their faces painted. They also got a helium balloon, and I bought them each a bag of chips.

    On the way to the car, our 6 year old said, “Face paint, a balloon, AND chips?! Good day!”

    It’s the little things.


    4th March 2010

    One thing I can say I HATE about being a parent, with zero shame or guilt, is toilet training. Toilet training sucks one big lemon.

    Toilet training my now 6 year old was traumatic (for me) and not enjoyable at all. I hated every moment. He just wouldn’t have it – zero interest and fought it all the way. When I finally got him on the toilet, he would sit there, FOREVER, and do nothing, and the minute he had his pull-up back on, he promptly filled it with as much nasty as possible. It was a battle between me and his bowels and the little man’s bowels conquered me and won, every time.

    So I gave up (I gave up more than once I might add), and decided to give him a break from it and start up again after a few weeks . But this child was a toilet warrior – he would not be defeated. Although we had some success here and there, he was a long and faithful hold out. Thankfully, one day, he decided that the toilet was in fact his little buddy and things got a whole lot easier after that. Thank you M&Ms.

    I will admit that there were some funny moments (and many that make me spontaneously dry heave) when it came to the bathroom and the little man. He was extremely modest when it had to do with “his business” – that’s what he called his little package – “HIS BINNESS”.  He didn’t want anyone to see him undress, even to put on his pj’s. He would get all upset if he thought his then baby sister had glanced in his direction, at “his binness”. Personally, I thought it was hysterical – which seemed to make him that much more outraged.

    “DON’T YOOK AT MA BINNESS!” and “MA SISSER YOOKED AT MA BINNESS!” would be heard on a daily basis.

    Of course one of the worst aspects of toilet training, in my opinion, has to be road trips. If they’re wearing a pull-up or a diaper, then you can always pull over and clean them up when convenient and necessary – super easy in my book. However, if they are wearing Spiderman underwear and you’re in the middle of nowhere, not as fun. There is one particular occasion that I can recall that makes me laugh every time I think of it.

    We were on the highway and we heard those three dreaded words – “I GOLLA PEE!!!” Now, we were literally in the middle of nowhere and nothing was coming up anytime soon either. So with no other option, we pulled off the highway into a carpark area. We got him out of the car, he looked around and started to totally freak out, because he didn’t see a toilet anywhere. My husband told him that he can just go ahead and pee quickly and then we can leave. Here is how the conversation went,

    • Husband: “Ok buddy, there are no bathrooms anywhere around here. Since you’re a big boy now and you can pee standing up, you can pee right here. Mommy and I will cover you so you have privacy, so just go ahead and pee.”
    • Little Man: “OUTSIDE? NO WAY!”
    • Husband: “It’s ok. There is no reason to be scared, Mommy and I will protect you, and you will be done super quick.”
    • Me: “Honey, there is no bathroom anywhere, you have to pee right here. No one can see you!”
    • Little Annoying Dude who refuses to cooperate: “NO WAY!! I HOLD IT. I NO PEE OUTSIDE. I NEED A TOYYET”.
    • Husband and I trying to keep our cool: “If you don’t pee outside RIGHT NOW, you will have to hold it for a long time. If you pee in your car seat, it will be wet for the whole trip.”
    • The Boss: “I HOLD IT. I HOLD MY BINNESS!!”

    So because a three-year old can win any battle of wills, we proceeded to get right back in the van, and drive like respectable maniacs looking for anything with a toilet and – wait for it – the three year old proceeded to pee his pants.

    The joys of toilet training are not wasted on me. (Someone get me a lemon)

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