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Thanks Santa!

30th December 2009

Dear Santa,

You were a real sweetheart to me this year. I’m enjoying all my new things.

Thanks to you, I will be washing my face with this:

Thanks to you I will be warming my toes with these:

Thanks to you, I will be feeding the family with this (fingers crossed people – mommy needs a miracle!):


Yes finally, I can shut it about the Kindle already!! WOOT WOOT.

Also, I would like to thank Santa for letting me know that there is in fact such a thing as being in LIST LIMBO.

Yes, evidently I have been straddling both sides of the Naughty/Nice list for YEARS. (Don’t lie, you know you have too!)

Santa also wants me to know that if I would just pick a side already, he will give me this for Christmas next year:

Um. Yes. Please.


Mommy’s XMAS List

3rd December 2009

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when my husband requires a detailed list of things that I want/love/covet including detailed photos, store information and prices.

Isn’t it romantic?

My husband is BAD at gift buying, can you tell? He tries, but he fails, usually pretty badly. So, the least I can do is give him some help. I’m a giver.

Here she is:

1. Vanity Fair Magazine Subscription – I LOVE this magazine. I enjoy the articles, and love the photography, and except for the last issue that had Robert Pattinson on the cover (really?), it can do no wrong.

2. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl Wudunn – I heard about this book on Oprah the other day and it sounds amazing. Its written by Pulitzer prize winners, New York Times journalist Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife, Sheryl Wudunn, and follows the oppression of women and girls in the developing world. I can’t wait to read it.

Husband Addendum (Any books of any nature are fine because as you know, I LOVE BOOKS)

3. Real Simple Best Recipes – Easy Delicious Meals – As you may know if you read my blog, I am a cookbook ho. I LOVE COOKBOOKS. Ironic, since I feel meh about the actual cooking aspect. However, a gorgeous or unique cookbook, and I am hooked. The latest Real Simple cookbook is on my list because I love Real Simple magazine, and really enjoy their other books as well.

Husband Addendum (Any cookbooks that are beautifully illustrated that I don’t currently own are fine because as you know I am infatuated with cookbooks).

4. GLEE CD – Volume 2 – Because my kids LOVE to listen to GLEE music, and its the only thing that will simultaneously keep us all happy in the car.

Husband Addendum – If you buy me a CD by John Mayer or Jessica Simpson, I may have to hurt you.

5. Pyjamas – Canadian winters demand warm pyjamas, and I do believe the penguin pyjamas that my husband so romantically picked up for me last year, are now past their prime.

Husband Addendum – NO PENGUINS or ANIMALS of ANY KIND on my PJS this year. The End.

6. Boots – I just noticed the boots I’ve been wearing for three years have a huge hole in the sole. So I can call this a NEED rather than a WANT item. I’m not sure yet, but I might want UGGS this year, only because they look comfortable, although I don’t want them for the same reason, because they kind of also look like slippers. I’m intrigued by the entire love/hate relationship I have for these things. I also hate the ridiculous price. I clearly have some UGG confusion.

Husband Addendum – Black Boots of any kind that are not hideous, will be accepted. Keep the receipt – in case of emergency, or if they end up being too ugly to wear.

AND, in case we win the lottery, or rob some of our rich neighbours, I will add some pricier items that I would like to have at some point, but won’t lose sleep over if I don’t get them right now.

1. CHI Hair Straightener – because Mommy has new hair that requires annoying upkeep.

2. Clarisonic Skincare Brush – because Mommy’s skin sometimes reminds her of high school, and high school sucked big.

3. Watch – because I’ve worn the same watch since 1996 – yes a sad fact to admit. Unfortunately, I have expensive taste, and probably should have bought that TAG watch I wanted back in the day when I worked and had no kids and we blew money like it was water.

4. KINDLE – Damn you elusive Kindle – I finally get one, and THEN you become available with an International version – YOU SUCK KINDLE. Why. WHY do you taunt me so?

The End.

Not a thrilling list for some I’m sure. But let’s be real – the economy is in the toilet, we just bought a new car, and I’m a stay-at-home mom. We have everything we could possibly need, and then some. Honestly, if I get one thing off this list, or none, I don’t really care. Truth be told, I get more joy out of watching my children be excited about Christmas and opening their gifts with crazy abandon, then I do about anything else. I think this year, our focus will be more about our kids and making their little Christmas dreams come true.

As it should be.

Santa addendum – Dude, I’m sure you know about my Kindle obsession – help a girl out already!

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