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I Have Something To Confess…..

11th February 2011

(Oh look, even my dollie wants to confess)

I have something to confess……

  • I hate winter. I hate it enough to boycott the idea of wearing a winter coat. Instead, I wear a cardigan. With a scarf. Every day. True Story.
  • I just discovered Fresca. Hello, refreshing.
  • I think celery needs to be banned as a vegetable. Also, it should be kept in the utensil drawer and alternatively used to stir soup.
  • I’m changing my name to Liz Lemon. Or Leslie Knope. Or Lizlie Knemon.
  • I sleep with my iPhone. It does not snore. It does not take all the covers. It does not smell like man. Win, Win, WIN.
  • I like to impersonate my mom, speak in a thick Greek accent, and stop only when the telemarketer starts to cry.
  • Cookbooks are like crack to me. As are magazines. And Iced Lattes.
  • You know that satiny material that shows every bump, every stretch mark, every mole? It should be illegal.
  • My Colin Firth is guaranteed to make the lady parts tingle in the most inappropriate ways. (More a statement than confession, but still a very valid point).
  • If I didn’t have to cook for them, I would have 14 babies. And then, I would challenge the Duggars to a duel.

This post was inspired by Scary Mommy’s confessional – it’s completely addictive, and yes all the really weird confessions are mine. Maybe.

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