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Back to School with Mabel’s Labels and a Giveaway #BTS

14th August 2015


On Monday, I blogged about Back to School and posted a giveaway involving school supplies. Today, it’s all about labels – MABEL’S LABELS.

I’ve blogged about Mabel’s several times in the past because they’re a company that I love to talk about and endorse. They offer a product that is dependable, pretty, affordable and 100% guaranteed. Their labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and waterproof, so they can be adhered to everything from clothing to school supplies, to rain boots, and everything in between. I adhere them at the beginning of each school year to the kids’ shoes and boots, their knapsacks, notebooks and pencil cases, their lunch paraphernalia and all their outerwear. And every end of school year, every single label is still attached. Worth every penny!


Have you ever ordered from Mabel’s Labels? Their website is super easy to use. Once you’ve chosen the labels you want, you enter the NAME, you choose your DESIGN and then choose your FONT, and that’s it. You can see what the product will look like as you enter your info, so you can make any changes you like. You add it to the cart and you’re ready to go. I ordered THE STYLISH SCHOLARS COMBO for my 11 year old son, and with the free shipping, it arrived quickly and within a week. So you still have time to order your labels before school starts!!


Want to win a STYLISH SCHOLARS COMBO? This combo is great because it will appeal to all ages with their sleek design (12 different design options and 2 font options). It includes 40 mini custom name stickers, 50 Tag Mates clothing labels, 16 round labels and 2 mini tags. With 108 labels (and the two tags), it retails for $42 CDN. You can find Mabel’s Labels online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Enter below to win your own Stylish Scholars Combo from Mabel’s Labels. The giveaway is open to Canadian Residents and will end Friday, August 21, at midnight EST. GOOD LUCK!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mabels Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack GIVEAWAY

18th May 2015


I love Mabel’s Labels.

I discovered them when my son was little and started losing everything at school and I needed a better solution than just writing his name on the tags of his clothing and shoes. Of course that would only last until the item was washed anyway. But then I found Mabel’s Labels!

I’ve used these labels for both kids now, for 5+ years and they’re the best label on the market. They are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. They are also UV resistant and waterproof. That’s what makes these a fantastic label option for camp. Mabel’s Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack includes everything you need to get the kids ready for camp.

The pack includes:

  • 10 Personalized Name Stickers
  • 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers
  • 50 Tag Mates Stick On Clothing Labels
  • 8 Custom Shoe Stickers
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags
  • 5 super cute postcards for writing home (*only while supplies last*)


On the newly re-designed website (love how user-friendly it is now), you can choose from a solid or multicolour design, countless adorable icons and four different fonts. The Limited Edition Camp Label pack sells for $39.95 with free shipping.

Of course, Mabel’s sells labels for so much more than just camp – from household, to hockey gear, to allergy alert labels, you can get all your label needs met with Mabel’s Labels. You can find Mabel’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Want to win your own Limited Edition Camp Label Pack?? Enter below to win – this giveaway is open to Canadians only, and will run until May 28, 2015. Good luck!

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Back to School With Mabel’s Labels

25th August 2014


It’s Back to School time again.

We’re saying goodbye to no schedule, no peer drama, no homework and eating whenever the hell we feel like it. BOO.

One week left means it’s time to pick up any last minute items you need and of course, labels!!!

I label EVERYTHING that the kids take to school or there is a high probability that I will never see it again. I label their bags, lunch bags, water bottles, coats, shoes, boots, pencil cases….you get the idea. Basically, I label everything but the children themselves, and I only use Mabel’s Labels.

I was introduced to Mabel’s years ago when I first blogging, and I can say this is one product that just doesn’t disappoint. They cute, they’re excellent quality and they do not come off, even in the microwave, dishwasher and washing machine!

mabels-labelsMabel’s Labels has four great options for back to school labels – The Ultimate Back to School Combo, Stylish Scholars Combo, the Tween Pack and Book Labels. It really depends on your kids’ age and their needs. With my children being younger, the Ultimate Back to School Combo is perfect.

The Ultimate Back to School Combo includes, 40 Skinny Minis, 50 Tag Mates, 16 shoe labels and 2 (waterproof) Teeny Tags. They come in a variety of colours and designs to appeal to a wide audience. My daughter chose aqua and pink labels featuring a dolphin graphic – her favourite animal. This combo costs $42, but keep in mind that you get a lot of labels – they last us at least two school years.

Place your order soon because the labels will be dispatched to you in 24 hours with free shipping, so there’s definitely still time to get them before school!!! These combos are only available until September 30th, so get on it!!!

mabels-labelsKeep in mind, if you’re all set with your school labels, Mabel’s has so many great products to choose from – household labels, hockey equipment labels, allergy alert labels, and lootbag combos, to name just a few. Make sure to check out their site for all the great options that are available.

Make sure to follow Mabel’s Labels on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for label inspiration, giveaways and fun promotions.


Mabel’s Labels Loot Bag Combo – Giveaway

19th January 2011

I have very strong feelings when it comes to what to put in birthday loot bags.

I am definitely not a fan of loot bags that are basically filled with candy and dollar store crap. Hate them.

My thinking is always less is more – I tend to pick one or two items that the kids will actually be able use and enjoy and go from there.

So I’m loving this new idea from Mabel’s Labels, a fabulous Canadian company.

Mabel’s Labels has just introduced a great product to their line that is perfect for any birthday celebration – the Loot Bag Combo.

This practical yet adorable goody bag item was inspired by celebrities who incorporated Mabel’s Labels Sticky Labels and Bag Tags into their children’s birthdays. In the last year alone, Reese Witherspoon, Tori Spelling, Nancy O’Dell, Jason and Naomi Priestley, Ali Landry and Kristy Swanson made Mabel’s Labels a must-have goody bag addition. This affordable and durable sampler pack includes 5 custom Sticky Labels and one Bag Tag, available in 27 designs at $5 a combo (minimum order of 6 combos required). Order a combo today for your kiddos next birthday party!


I’m giving away one LOOT BAG COMBO (for 6 kids) – (6 x 5 Sticky Labels & 1 Bag Tag) to one lucky winner.


Mandatory Entry:

Leave a comment below telling me the worst, weirdest, funniest, or best thing you’ve seen in a kid’s loot bag.

Bonus Entries (not required):

1. Tweet the following and leave a comment below telling me you did:

Enter to win a @Mabelhood Mabel’s Labels Loot Bag Combo on @BOREDMommy’s blog – http://bit.ly/fYpPLN #CDN&US #Giveaway

2. Join Google Friend Connect on my site, and leave me a comment saying that you did (or do).





THE WINNER IS: #52 – LIZ W. – CONGRATS!!! Thanks to all who entered!

DinHer 2010

1st September 2010

DinHer is an event that I hosted during Blogher in NYC  a few weeks ago. What started out as a small dinner to get together some lovely friends and bloggers, turned out to be a great event that was relaxing, enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity to get to know some fantastic and cool women.

When I was planning the dinner, I thought it would be great to have a little swag bag for everyone. Turns out the swag bag ended up being kind of huge. It was actually really fun getting all these great products together for the bag, maybe a little less fun trying to get it over the border, but fun nevertheless. Thank you so much to Toni (@itsToni) who was a HUGE help along the way, and was key at getting some fantastic swag items for the bag!! Also, Sandy and Cheryl helped out with the swag overload, and I am so grateful to both ladies! Thank you!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the sponsors for the event – all 38 of them – THANK YOU for making the event a fun and successful one! First of all, I would like to give a huge shout out to Adria and GM Canada for not only providing myself and my roomies with a Chevy Equinox for the trip to and from NYC, but GM Canada was also generous to sponsor the dinner itself for all the attendees – We appreciate you GM Canada!!

We were given the chance to drive a Chevy Equinox and it was a great ride. As the back seat passenger, I was thrilled that I had a crazy amount of leg room, despite the massive amounts of luggage and swag that was stuffed in the car with us. Christine who was the driver on the trip said,

“I was really impressed with the Equinox loaned to us by GM Canada. The ride was smooth and quiet (well mostly, if you don’t count the passengers – KIDDING), but even better was the gas mileage. To New York, out of New York, back to New York (yes, that’s right) and then finally home again on $80. Now that rocks!”

Old Navy Canada was very generous and sent us a huge box of swag for everyone. Each blogger received a cute headband, sandals, a tank top, a handbag and the delightful surprise of an item also known as JACKET IN A PACKET!

Another great Canadian Company that sent me 5 huge boxes of swag that provided 10 full size products to all the ladies. From their shampoos, to the hand soap, it is all eco-friendly and it all smells wonderful. Thank you Live Clean!

A big thank you to Mabel’s Labels for their fabulous addition to the swag bags! Great Blogher1o specific swag, their famous labels, along with some fab panties, made these a hit!!

I knew that I definitely wanted to have a special little something for each of the ladies that would be a personalized piece of jewelery. Thanks to The Vintage Pearl, each of the ladies received a lovely necklace personalized with their initial, and a pearl. I handed them out to everyone after the dinner, and everyone was thrilled. THANK YOU!!

The Cow and the Moon co. contributed fantastic notecards from their new line of paper products, and even created this awesome personalized Blogher notebook for me as well. Thanks so much Kelly!


Thank you to Chevy Missions for contributing purse hooks, to help keep our handbags off all those dirty floors!

Touch’d contributed a full size Bath Butter to everyone. This product smells SO GOOD and is so versatile, it can be used as a moisturizing body soap and also a shaving cream. Thanks so much Rachel!

I was thrilled to be able to add the Mini Makeup Collection from E.L.F. to the bags – I really wanted to fill the bags with things that I would also want, and I always want fantastic makeup. Thanks again E.L.F!

I was thrilled when I found out that Penguin Canada was interested in contributing to our bags. We were lucky enough to be give three great books: Sima’s Undergarments For Women by Ilana Stanger-Ross, Under This Unbroken Sky by Shandi Mitchell and advance copies of A Room Swept White by Sophie Hannah.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of EOS before Twitter, but then I kept hearing about their infamous lip balms and shaving cream, so I had to try it. Thankfully they contributed their shaving cream and their lip balm smooth stick for everyone. As soon as I got to New York, I also made a point of stopping to buy some more. Thanks EOS!

I’ve been tweeting with Tara for a while and I was thrilled when she said she would contribute her coffee sleeves for Dinher. They are impeccably made with these gorgeous fabrics – love this product!

Fun Movie Swag on Twitter is always doing these fun movie giveaways, based out of Toronto. They contributed some fun stuff, from some of the new releases like Salt, that my kids have enjoyed playing with, so thank you so much for that!

Who doesn’t love My Little Pony? I used to play with these as a kid, so I get a kick out of watching how excited my three year old gets when she’s playing with her My Little Pony toys. It was great to be able to add one to everyone’s bags.

A special thank you to one of the DinHer attendees who also contributed to the swag bags – as an Avon rep, she contributed some AVON products to everyone. Thanks Cheryl!!

All of the ladies received a 2010/2011 organizer from Busybody books – a great product for organizing yourself and your family’s commitments. Despite all the electronic organizers, I prefer pen to paper, and this is a great tool for just that, and it’s pretty to look at to boot.

Another fantastic Canadian company that is a shining example of good business, and I might be biased when I say this because I totally admire the owner, Lindsay. Grace Announcements does everything from business cards, to art, to stationary and invites, does them impeccably. I was thrilled to add some personalized notepads to the bags. Thanks so much Lindsay!


Thank you to Energizer for contributing  the Energizer® Recharge Smart Charger for everyone, which always come in handy with two young children and many toys that seem to need batteries all the time. Also,

Peartree is a U.S. based stationary company that makes some beautiful products from address labels, invitations to note cards. Thanks to Peartree for contributing personalized items to each bag, including return address labels and note cards.

Thank you to Sensodyne Canada for contributing their sensitive toothpaste and the Breathe Right strips (my personal favorite – my bed buddy just happens to be a snorer).

Thanks to DK Books Canada for donating a reusable tote and a fantastic book called A Slice of Organic Life by Sheherazade Goldsmith – a gorgeous book about leading a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Thanks so much to RuMe Bags for contributing the Macro RuMe bags that held all of the swag, that was very heavy. The bags can hold up to 50lbs and look gorgeous doing it too. These bags are beautifully made and they have a great selection of products available – love the kid’s totes!


My lovely twitter friend @ManiacalMom provided us some fun swag that she sells through passion parties, and was also lovely enough to donate a door prize that I gave away during the dinner, which one of our lucky ladies won! It was a much coveted prize – and we’ll leave it at that!


The Halo SleepSacks are adorable products that ensure babies can be both warm and safe when sleeping – we were sent adorable themed sleep sacks. They come in many colors, designs and sizes, so be sure to check them out. If you don’t have little ones any longer, they make a perfect shower gift I think.

  • COTY

Thanks to Coty, we received the latest perfume by Baby Phat called DARE ME. Cute bottle, and smells nice too.


A last minute addition to our bags were these great reusable totes from Reisenthel – the mini maxi shopper in a variety of designs. In a time where caring about the environmental and being aware of even the smallest actions that we can do to make a difference, you can honestly never have too many reusable totes, especially cute ones.


Hadaki generously provided each of the DinHer attendees a cool wallet, called the Large Money Pod – they were all different colors and patters, but beautifully made and such a unique product. Be sure to check out all their products on their website. Also, we raffled off a fabulous Hadaki tote to one very happy attendee!


Balboa Baby is company that makes gorgeous baby slings and nursing covers, among other items in these beautiful fabrics and patterns. The ladies chose from nursing covers, the sling and the shopping cart/ high chair cover. Another great site to check out if you have a babe of your own, or need to get a special gift for a friend.


Chris Blake is someone that you may recognize from Twitter – I recognized him a while back when he followed me. I thought he was quite the hunky dude. And then I heard him sing – he has a fantastic voice, and he was gracious enough to provide all the ladies with one of his cds entitled WAVE. If you haven’t heard his music yet, check him out here, and you can also now find him on Amazon and iTunes!


I knew we wanted to have one edible item in the bags, and I was thrilled that Wanna Hava Cookie wanted to be part of it. They sent us these lovely little boxes containing the most delicious whoopie pies in different flavours. Seriously to die for. They make many products and they ship to the U.S. and CANADA!! They just opened their first store in NYC, so try to make it out there if you happen to be in the neighborhood, you will be glad you did.


Name Your Tune cds are an award-winning, Canadian product that provides personalized music for your child. Within 14 songs, your child’s name is heard more than 80 times, which I can tell you from experience, is beyond thrilling for a little person. This is a fantastic product, from a company that knows good business, and just happen to be really, lovely people. A great kid’s gift!


I was thrilled when I was contacted about adding The Jimmies cd to our swag bag – The Jimmies are a fun, rock band for kids. This particular double cd titled “Trying Funny Stuff” included a live concert cd, music videos, and 6 karaoke videos. A really fun, energetic cd that gets the little people dancing. Make sure to check them out!


For Twitter fans, Survival of the Hippest is a site where you can order jewelery to key chains to tie clips, that will immortalize your Twitter handle or perhaps a favorite hashtag. Thanks so much for providing us with a great discount on our first order!!


Thanks to FELD Entertainment for providing us some fun Disney products for our bags and as a door prize. Fun clown noses, disposable cameras, and other items were a great addition to our DinHer bags.

  • Blue Avocado

Thanks to Blue Avocado, another great eco-friendly company, for providing us two great door prizes for our event – the starter kits (which included veg, pack, and pod bags) were a big hit.


Owlsay Designs is an Etsy shop that was generous enough to provide each of the ladies with a luggage tag that helped identify their bags, and will be great for their travels, as well as a discount on a future purchase. Please check out her sight where you find handmade items from passport covers, pouches, and magnets. Thanks so much!!


And our last addition to our bag was from another Twitter friend, Foundation Studio, who provided each of the ladies a gift certificate that entitles them to a 125×125 pixel ad. They offer many different professional services, including web design and branding. Thanks so much Ariane!


And a huge shout out to Carmichael Digital for providing our DinHer event with a fantastic site to show off all of our sponsors throughout the planning process. If you need help with strategy, assessment, training and/or coaching – they are the people to call! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Check out some pictures below of the great products that all the companies provided to the DinHer event! Thank you!!

Happy 1st BLOGOVERSARY to ME! Happy Giveaways to YOU! – CLOSED

15th June 2010

It has officially been 1 year since I started my little blog here, and I cannot believe it. Is it just me or does time fly when you are OLD (YES, says this here OLD person). Blogging has been great fun for the most part – its helped me get to know some other fantastic bloggers and their blogs, and though I’ve learned a lot, I still have a lot to learn. As I go into year two, I hope to tweak BORED Mommy and decide what I want my blog to really be about. With a new blog design and move to WordPress.org in the works, I hope that it will only get better from here.

So, I just want to thank everyone who has ever stopped by, and read any of my posts and/or commented – I appreciate it very much, and hope you will come back for more as I tweak my bloggity blog for the better. A wet kiss to each and every one of you.


And to make this a little more fun, I thought it would be great to get some prizes together to CELEBRATE this rather momentous (not really, but kind of special in a teeny tiny kind of way) occasion. Several fabulous people, whom I happen to adore and totally dig on Twitter, were lovely enough to help me out by sponsoring something for this almighty celebration. You are all awesome – two wet kisses to each of you – you are so very welcome.


Here is a list of all the fabulous prizes available to be won:


Coffee Cuff - Orchid Roundabout

Boutique Karma (@BoutiqueKarma) is giving away a coffee sleeve – your choice of design!


Bored Mommy (yours truly) is giving you a $10 gift card to Starbucks to help you use that coffee sleeve!


paper good

cow & the moon paper co. (@cowandthemoonco) is giving away a Thank You prize pack!

(It includes: 1 pack of bubbles thank you cards, one pack of birdie thank you cards, one pack each of little dude & little princess thank you notes, and a small handful of itty bitties.)



Casey (2)

Grace Announcements (@GraceAnnounce) is giving away 100 custom designed CALL ME cards!


Colourful Essentials Combo

Mabel’s Labels (@Mabelhood) is giving away an LOL Essentials Combo!

(Includes 30 Sticky Labels, 12 Shoe Labels, 2 Teeny Tags & 40 Iron Ons (or) 70 Tag Mates)



Clear Space Online (@MeditatingMummy) is offering a 1 Year Subscription to her site!

  • It’s like a magazine subscription, a book club and a gym membership for your body, mind and soul

(This includes unlimited access to their podcast library, articles, and interview series)


The LOVELY Kathy Buckworth (@KathyBuckworth) is giving away copies of two of her books – The BlackBerry Diaries and Shut Up & Eat!


Scholastic Canada (@Scholasticcda) is giving away a prize pack including three children’s board books!

(Grumpy Bird, Read Me A Book and Welcome Summer!)


Deb Bosilevac Photography (@dorthybitestoto) is giving away a beautiful 8 x 10 print (one of a series of 15)

(Winner will receive 3/200)


And finally, I will also be giving away one of Jillian Michaels’ workout dvds, because I should not be the only one swearing at the television on a nightly basis. Join me in my misery.

I chose this one, because it hurts the most – enjoy!




~ Please visit one of the sponsors’ sites (their links are above) & tell me about a product and/or service that you are interested in.)


Please leave individual comments for each (each comment = entry)

~ Follow me (@BOREDMommy) on Twitter (and/or let me know if you already do!)

~ Subscribe to my blog (and/or let me know if you already do!)

~ Tweet the following (please add the Twitter link to the comment – will count as one entry max):

I just entered the @BOREDmommy 1st Blogoversary Giveaway! http://bit.ly/daXjUS #giveaway


This giveaway is open to both Canadian & U.S. residents!!

It will run from June 15th until June 22nd, 2010, at 9p.m. est.

Winners will be announced June 23rd, 2010

Winners will be chosen using random.orgplease make sure you leave a valid email address and/or your Twitter handle so that I can find you if you win a prize!

Sponsors will be shipping prizes directly to the winners once the contest has ended.


Again, a thank you to all the lovely people who donated to my blogoversary giveaway:

Mabel’s Labels, Grace Announcements, Boutique Karma, Clear Space Online, cow and the moon co., Scholastic Canada, Kathy Buckworth and Deb Bosilevac Photography.



1. Boutique Karma coffee sleeve & $10 Starbucks card – @mommywords

2. Cow & the Moon paper co. prize pack – @unemployed_mom

3. Grace Announcements – 100 Call Me Cards – @sf_frugalista

4. Mabel’s Labels prize pack – @elainea

5. Clear Space Online – 1 yr membership – @MyMessyParadise

6. KathyBuckworth books – @BoutiqueKarma

7. Scholastic Books – @sandyel

8. Deb Bosilevac Photo print – @CoffeesCommutes

9. Jillian Michaels dvd – Shawna Greyling (not on Twitter)

Mabel’s Labels – GIVEAWAY

30th November 2009


True Random Number GeneratorMin: Max: Result:18Powered by RANDOM.ORG

#18 – SCARY MOMMY !!! – CONGRATS JILL!! I will let Mabel’s Labels know you won, and they will contact you! Thanks to everyone who entered!!!

I am an organizer – I like to have a spot for everything. Well, I did anyway – before the babies. My children have a different plan. It’s a constant battle, but I’m not giving up. I’m adapting, but I refuse to give up on the goal to be neat, and tidy, and organized. With babies, you learn that the absolute must is labeling. You need to label EVERYTHING, especially once the little people are among other little people. I have my trusty labeler for most things I need labelled, but I love something a little more special for my children’s things.

The answer, of course, is Mabel’s Labels. This is a fabulous Canadian company. I love their products, I love that its a mom-run company, and I LOVE that its Canadian!! (Did I say that already?) Some info about Mabel’s Labels:

Their Canada-based business began in 2002, and because of Mabel’s Labels’ success the four “mompreneurs,” Julie Cole, Tricia Mumby, Cynthia Esp and Julie Ellis now focus the business full-time. After lots of testing, the women developed the perfect labels, which are customized with a child’s name, favourite mix of colours and an icon (animal, flower, shape, etc.). All products are manufactured in-house at Mabel’s Labels’ headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mabel’s Labels have a myriad of great products, and I was lucky enough to receive some of their latest, the new Full-Colour Label Out Loud sticky labels. These labels are beautiful, and perfect for labeling all your children’s items. My son and daughter were thrilled to receive these colourful labels imprinted with their names. They are dishwasher and microsafe-safe and UV resistant. LOVE IT. They are sold as a package of 45 for $21.00 and available in 20 designs. Further proving what a wonderful company Mabel’s Label’s is, for each set of LOL Sticky Labels sold between November 23rd through December 10th, Mabel’s Labels will donate a portion of the proceeds to Anissa Mayhew’s family.

We have attached these labels to everything you can imagine, including toy boxes, drinking cups, lunchboxes, toys and their drawing notebooks. They love them, and so do I. I love that they adhere perfectly, they are of impeccable quality and are lovely to look at. In fact, take a moment and peruse the Mabel Label website and you will see that all of their products are modern and lovely, without looking juvenile.

Mabel’s Labels have also graciously offered a package of 24 GIFT TAGS for a giveaway, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer these very popular Holiday items to both U.S. and Canadian Entrants! These will be perfect to adhere to your holiday gifts this season and will be personalized anyway you like. If you don’t happen to be the winner of this product, please consider purchasing some, because for every order of holiday products, the Mabel team will make a donation to a local family in need of support this holiday season. Wonderful.

To enter this giveaway:


1) Please go to the Mabel’s Labels website and let me know what your favorite item is.


2) Follow Mabel’s Labels on Twitter (@mabelhood) or let me know if you do.

3) Follow me on Twitter (@BOREDmommy) or let me know if you do.

THIS CONTEST ENDS THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 9:00 p.m. EST !! SO ENTER QUICKLY!! The winner will be chosen randomly using random.org.

Thanks in advance to everyone for entering !!

(P.S. Although I was offered free labels for my children, to review, my opinions are my own, because that’s how I roll.)

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