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10 Reasons You Should Be Glad I Didn’t Blog In My 20s

7th February 2013

  • I lived at home, and the stories about my possible “death by family suffocation/obligation” would have been bountiful.
  • You would have been overwhelmed with selfies of me at church, purposefully photobombing the priest.
  • I had a perm.  AND bangs.
  • You would have heard about one of my old jobs where the boss had a toe thumb. He had lost a thumb in an accident so he had his TOE surgically removed and put on his hand, as his new thumb. ON PURPOSE. Let’s just say that every time I saw him, all I did was stare at his toe thumb. I think I lasted a month before I had to quit – toe thumb nightmares were keeping me up at night.
  • You were happily spared photo heavy posts involving the many hideous bridesmaid catastrophes I had to wear. Suck it Raw silk and dyed to match shoes!
  • Many, many pictures of me and my mom in our pjs, watching Sex in the City and giggling like hyenas.
  • You were spared regular posts titled, “OMG, we had the best time last night, but don’t tell my mom” and “Oops, I kissed a guy again but it’s ok because he was cute” and “I have a crush on one of the waiters at my family’s restaurant. Again.”
  • You would have enjoyed the lovely evolution of alcohol I would enjoy, then barely stomach, and then permanently ban. It went something like this: Wildberry coolers, Peach Schnapps, Jack Daniels, anything mint, Mike’s hard lemonade and ouzo.
  • Recipes would have included The Perfect Coke Float, and that’s it.
  • You were spared fashion posts involving what to wear with black, super wide-leg pants and why thong underwear is comfortable.  

This post was inspired by MamaKat’s writing workshop and originated from Wendi Aarons.

Five Things That Bring Me Comfort

15th November 2012

These are the five things (ironically, they all start with C) that bring me comfort

1. CHILDREN (mine, of course)

Yes, I do bribe them to sit pretty in the pictures. Worth every penny.


It’s a pricey, yet necessary comfort for Mommy.


Cookbooks are glorious and  you can never have too many. Seriously, if someone could convince my husband of this, I would so appreciate it.


Isn’t my husband handsome?


I mean laughter and the funny stuff, but chuckles started with the letter C so I went with it. Nothing is better than laughter and funny stuff and laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and that always brings me comfort.

This makes me laugh:

So does this:

And everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is perfection:

UPDATED: I had to edit my post to add a sixth – CARDIGANS!! How could I forget CARDIGANS??? Also, coincidentally cardigans starts with a C, if you hadn’t noticed.

Thanks to the lovely MamaKat for inspiring this little post.

10 Things I Love About Motherhood

12th January 2012

  • It teaches and promotes life-long patience. (Exactly how many times in one’s lifetime can we really say, “Flush the toilet!” I’ll let you know!)
  • It gives me glimpses into what I looked like as a young child. (Yes, sadly there really aren’t that many pictures of me as a young girl, but then who really takes pictures of kid #4?)
  • It has allowed me the ability to perfect the art of baking a chicken nugget. (Birth two picky eaters – check!)
  • Because of Motherhood I know what a Zooble, GoGo, YugiOh, Pokemon, and Lalaloopsy is, and why the loss of any of them may result in screaming, crying, and whining.
  • Swear words are really funny when heard coming out of a five year old’s mouth. (I don’t promote it, I simply enjoy it.)
  • I became a body fluids NINJA – nothing phases me anymore. (I freak out on the INSIDE!)
  • The realization that you’re never too old to play. (I’m also not too old or clueless to beat my 8yo “video game master” at Wii Bowling thanks very much – I knew that University Psych degree would come in handy one day.)
  • The Starbucks coffee breaks are a real plus.
  • Getting hugged often by two cute, funny little people works really well as an anti-depressant. (Simultaneously cost effective and heart warming – double WIN.)
  • The giggles. Hands down

Thanks to MamaKat for the inspiration to write this post!

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