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Living Well Mom Moments – Week 3!

26th October 2010


Two weeks down, and four to go! If you haven’t entered yet, you still have time! If you have no idea what I’m talking about (this happens often sadly – ha) check out my posts on week 1 and/or week 2 and it will explain everything!

This week is live and the topic is My Child said or did WHAT???? and who can’t think of a funny or mortifying moment involving their own kids? I have so many, here are a few funny, recent tweets that I wrote about just this thing:

  • Just covered my 4yo with her duvet. In her sleep, she said to me, “Go away lady. Stop bovering me.”
  • Me: Where are your pants? 4yo: I have underwear; I don’t need pants!
  • My 4yo’s reaction to the netbook. “Mommy! Your laptop had a baby!!”
  • 4yo in the bathroom: “I think I pooped a strawberry!!!!!!!!”
  • 4yo after her bath: “Mommy, I want to be naked all day.” Me: “Nope” 4yo: “Ok. I want to be naked for three minutes.”
  • 4yo: “Mommy, my body says it weely weely needs a cookie.”
  • 4yo at breakfast: “I’m going to marry my bacon”.

So head over to the site, and list your best Mom Moment for this topic, and make sure to tell all your friends/family to VOTE for your moment!!!

Make sure to watch the Week #3 VIDEO! It’s me, in all my should-have-put-on-makeup-and-got-my-hair-did glory. GOOD LUCK!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my participation as a judge in this campaign with Johnson & Johnson.


Living Well Mom Moments – WEEK 2

19th October 2010

I hope everyone had a chance to enter their Mom Moment for Week one, on the Living Well website. As I mentioned last week, I am part of a fun six week contest that celebrates Moms and their experiences as moms – or as we like to call them, MOM MOMENTS! (Check out the official press release here!)

This is your chance to use your experiences as a mom to win some fantastic prizes!

WEEK TWO is all about KIDS SAY THE DARNEST THINGS – my kids are all over this one. They are always saying things that catch me off guard, and make me laugh out loud, and maybe just a little bit weepy.

But, we want to hear your best Mom Moment about your kids saying the darndest thing – so head over to the website to post your entry. Submit it ASAP because entries are being accepted for Week TWO starting TODAY until October 25th. AND VERY IMPORTANT – TELL your friends and families to go to the site to vote for your entry – the entry with the most votes each week will win a huge $500 gift basket from Johnson & Johnson!! And at the end of the six weeks, the BEST Mom Moment (chosen from ALL entries) from the entire six weeks, will win $5000!!!!

Make sure to watch the Week #2 video on the site for all the details!!! GOOD LUCK!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my participation as a judge in this campaign with Johnson & Johnson.

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