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Documentary Watch – Project Nim

19th September 2012

Project Nim is a documentary about a baby chimpanzee named Nim that is taken away from his mother to be raised with humans to see if he could be taught to communicate using language.

To say it’s a fascinating film is an understatement  – I thought it was very well done, both entertaining and thoughtful. The movie interchanges between original footage and present day interviews with all the individuals involved in the project, over the years.

What I found surprising is how much the movie is not just about Nim the chimpanzee, but the teachers and individuals involved. Power struggles, ego trips, injuries, inappropriate relationships, unhealthy attachments – you name it, it’s all there. There are many shocking moments.

I thought the way those involved dealt with Nim’s inevitable development into a more mature (and more dangerous) chimpanzee was so heartbreaking and disgraceful. The documentary is a very tough watch in many parts, but it is absolutely a must see!!

Check out the trailer below:

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