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Poptropica Adventures – Review #UbiChamps #UbiPoptropica

31st January 2013

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. #UbiChamps

Poptropica actually originated as a very popular online game for kids that allows them play in a virtual world, safely. Kids create a character that can then play on different islands and solve mysteries that are often rooted in actual history. My kids have played it and love it so they were thrilled to find out that a new Poptropica video game for the Nintendo DS was released.

Poptropica for Nintendo DS begins the same way, with the player choosing their character and meeting the museum curator. The curator needs help to fix up the museum but to do that, the player needs to go through the four different islands – Museum island, Mythology island, Super Power island and Astroknights island – to collect artifacts for the museum.

You watch your character move through the game on the top screen, while the bottom has four different tabs. These four tabs hold the inventory that you find on the specific island that you are currently in, the outfits that have been unlocked, museum items that have been unlocked and a map to show you your location.

There is also the Customizer that allows you to change your character’s outfits  and find outfits throughout the game.

Both my son who is nine and my daughter who is six, LOVED this game. Because they had both played Poptropica online before, they were able to just jump in and start playing without any instruction at all.

Poptropica for the Nintendo DS is rated E for Everyone (with comic mischief). It can be purchased at Amazon.

You can check out the trailer for the game below!!

An Almost Four Year Old’s Birthday List

15th September 2010

My three year old will be four in less than two weeks.

It is hard to believe.

What is harder to believe is her wish list.

She would like:

  • A pink SCOOLER
  • A pink helmet
  • Bahbies, Bahbies, Bahbies
  • A Bahbie Dollhouse
  • A Camwah
  • A Nintendo DS and a Dora game
  • An iPod Touch

I FEAR the teenage years.

Actually, fear is not a strong enough word.


Please Note: She wanted be to add to the above list, and let you know that she will also accept:

  • Pincess stuff
  • Dwess up stuff
  • Kwaft stuff
  • A Flip video camera


Hold me.

The Nintendo Shuffle

14th October 2009

My son loves his Nintendo DS – his uncle bought it for him last year. He would play it all day if I allowed it, which I DO NOT (we’ve had to restrict it to weekends only, and only for short periods of time). The funny thing is when he does play, he is continuously moving around, trying to “get comfortable”. Yesterday, I decided to document it. These pictures are in order, and taken within the 30 minutes he was allowed to play.










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