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Week Three

5th April 2012

Here’s how I did this last week:

Woo Hoo.

I haven’t had a Diet Coke or Starbucks or any coffee or caffeine since before March 26 – 11 Days! That may not sound like a big number, but it’s huge for someone who drank a ton of both, daily.

Since quitting both, and cutting out starches and junk and things with sprinkles and other things that make you salivate, I’ve had zero heartburn, zero bloating and I want to sleep again.

Bye insomnia.

Yes, I still dream of cold Diet Cokes, and cupcakes – all the time. And yet, I haven’t indulged once – it’s a whole lot of chicken and huge salads and tons of veggies for me. Also, water is the only thing I’m drinking, except for the occasional mineral water.

I feel really good, and maybe even proud of myself and it’s been ages since I could say either.

Week Three:

Weight LOST this week: 3

Weight Lost to date: 12

Weight left to Lose: 88

First Goal: 10 pounds (Reward: Magazine subscription) – DONE April 5/12 (ordered subscription to Vanity Fair)

Second Goal: 20 pounds (Reward: New perfume)

Third Goal: 30 pounds (Reward: Sephora!)

Fourth Goal:  40 pounds (Reward: Cute flats)

Fifth Goal: 5o pounds (Reward: Some new clothes)

Sixth Goal: 60 pounds (Reward: New Glasses/Sunglasses)

Seventh Goal: 70 pounds (Reward: Massage)

Eighth Goal: 80 pounds (Reward: Get my hair done)

Ninth Goal: 90 pounds (Reward: Weekend away with my girlies)

Final Goal: 100 pounds – GOAL WEIGHT! (Reward: An overpriced, obnoxious handbag)


How was your week??

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