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Organizing the Linen Closet

18th January 2013

Oy, the linen closet.

Is it me or is that thing just a disaster all the time? Mine isn’t that big but it should be able to fit all the linens for four people.

Cue the purge!!

I took everything out of the linen closet, and started with redoing the shelving and covering it with prettier contact paper that I got at Homesense.

Huge improvement just by changing the shelving paper. I’m loving a good chevron lately.

Next, I purged the crap that I’ve been holding onto forever. I still had almost all the towels I got at my wedding shower in 2000. I had duvet covers that were still in packages from the shower as well. I’m pretty sure after 12 years, it was safe to get rid of them. So, I was brutal in my purge – if it felt like sandpaper, if it had any stain or just looked old and nasty, it was gone. If I never used it, it was tossed too. I filled a giant garbage bag with the old towels and sheets and felt great doing it.

Of course, I had to replace what I got rid of, which was mostly towels and sheets. So, I got some really nice Pantone towels, sheets and a quilt from my mom for Christmas. I also got a Homesense gift card from my brother so I had some money to burn! The day I went shopping, I also found an unused gift card on it that I had totally forgotten about with $145 on it!! It was meant to be!

I picked up new grey towels in all sizes, three sets of sheets including a Ralph Lauren set (who in my opinion, make the BEST sheets I’ve ever had). I picked up some cute decorative boxes to corral the face and hand towels so the closet would look neater, and a large basket for blankets.

It took a long time but it was so worth it!

And a full shot (hard to get with a shelf on the right) so sorry for the meh quality.

Before and After shot:

Linen closet done!

Toss The Crap 2011 – An Act in Futility and Stupidity

23rd March 2011

Before the kids came along, my house was clean and organized about 99% of the time. EVERYTHING had it’s place, and everything was spotless. You could drop by at anytime of the day, and this was pretty much the case, no matter what day it was. My house was a clean freak’s dream.

Then I had kids.

I know you will relate to me when I say, holy sweet hell do kids need a lot of stuff.

Of course, it’s not just the stuff they need, like clothes, shoes, hair accessories (why yes, I do live with a four year old princess), but there is all that other crap, like toys, and craft stuff, and dvds, and games, and oh yes, BOOKS.

Now, add in two sets of grandparents, godparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and various stragglers looking for cake and free alcohol, and every birthday, Easter, and Christmas is a nightmare of more incoming stuff. Also, if that wasn’t enough, Greeks also celebrate something called a Nameday, which usually leads to envelopes of money for the lucky person celebrating, but may also involve MORE stuff to fit into an already overcrowded home.

Do you get where I’m going with this? Even if I never bought either kid a thing, ever again, I would still be overwhelmed and inundated with STUFF until the end of time, or until I lose my mind – whichever comes first.

Because of all this STUFF, every year, I try to do a purge around this time of year, getting rid of things the kids don’t use, play with or fit into any more. I then save it all and have a massive garage sale in the spring. Around these parts (ie. my house) I’m known as the garage sale queen  – the last two garage sales I had, I made $1700. At each of them. That’s  $3400 at two garage sales selling mainly kids stuff. Yes, you may bow at my awesomeness. I blogged about it once, way way back — feel free to read it if you need some pointers.

So, it’s that time again, time to do a big purge and I’m calling it TOSS THE CRAP 2011, because I plan to be ruthless and brutal this year. And with the stuff that I hate to get rid of, like books, or toys the kids actually do enjoy, I’m trying to downsize as much as I can. Take my word for it – do it when they’re sleeping – the screaming is really minimized that way.

Insert evil cackle here.

Sadly, along with the major purge, comes the need to organize what is left behind.

Hence this,

And this,

(Playmobil anyone?)

And sadly this,

(You are looking at 600+ alphabetized Pokemon cards – if this isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is. Seriously, I lost two HOURS of my life so that I can say my seven year old’s Pokemon cards are organized. Imagine how long the linen closet is going to take.)

I plan to continue blogging about my Toss The Crap SPECTACULAR whenever I conquer another corner of my home, mainly as a reference to prove to myself that it was in fact clean at one time – because you know, kids have a way of moving things around.

I wonder if they sell kiddie straightjackets. (Thinking aloud and mostly kidding)

Toss the Crap 2011 – Organizing the kid’s DVDs

15th March 2011

I love my children.

What I don’t love is how much stuff comes along with the children.

Oy, the stuff.

If you have children, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Case in point – kids’ dvds

This is only some of the collection. (Weep with me for the sweaters that could have been.)

What is most annoying however, is the space required to store all these DVDs – they fill an entire tv cabinet.

Me no likey.

Then I had a GENIUS idea.

Enter the CD wallet (the ugly CD wallet says my husband).

I picked it up at Target the other day for $25 (holds 208 DVDs). With the kids help, I alphabetized all the flicks, and we tossed the dvd cases.

What do you think? Before or after?

Looks like spring cleaning  (TOSS THE CRAP 2011!)  has officially begun.

Spring Cleaning

13th April 2010

Shoot me. (With some of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume thank you very much)

Sadly, it’s that time of year again. (Yup, still fat.)

Spring cleaning. (MEH)

It’s the time to get a little ruthless with the cleaning and the organizing and the letting go of the STUFF suffocating every corner of my abode. I’ve been tackling one area at a time, on my own. I have two children, so it’s slow going – I’m sure you understand.

So, I started small with the front closet, kitchen cabinets and the kids’ rooms. Done, done and done.

Yesterday, the man and I decided to tackle the crawl space (also know as the depths of hell in our basement). We clearly had no idea how big this job would be. What’s in there? EVERYTHING – its literally overflowing in crap.  I would say 80% of it is kid related – toys, furniture, and 16+ large rubbermaids FULL of outgrown clothing. We also have boxes and boxes of books that we have no shelf space for at the moment. Books in boxes is a sad, sad thing if you ask me. There is also a crazy amount of random stuff that I have no idea why we even bought in the first place (YES, I’m referring to you $600 foosball table, that has been wrapped up in our crawl space for 5 years).

We decided the best way to try and tackle this was to pull out as much as possible and go from there. A good idea in theory – except that we really had no free space to begin with. The result? It’s basically a depressing, crap explosion that is beyond stressful at the moment. Two levels of our house are now an utter mess/work in progress. The front hall is packed with piles of toys and kids items that I plan to get rid of. Of course, the children can’t help but want to play with these toys, and are constantly moving things and knocking things over. Our laundry room is a mess, our playroom/rec room is filled with stuff, and the crawl space is the worst of all.

I’m trying to think of the end result so it’s not as stressful, but it’s not really working.

Also, crying about it doesn’t actually work either.

Neither does whining, yelling or screaming into a pillow. Go figure.

I think I need a cleaning lady. And a bulldozer. And a priest.

If I could get the husband and the kids to move out, I could be done in 2 days. Failing that, it will be nothing short of a miracle if it gets done by the end of the month.

In the meantime, please send me valium. And wine. And lip gloss.

And because I have no shame, I feel the need to share my horror story with you, as evidenced in these sad, I-swear-my-house-does-not-normally-look-like-this pics.

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