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Change Is Good. Pricey, But Good.

1st June 2011

I’m tired, and slightly overwhelmed right now.

I’m in the process of planning a big purge, an even bigger garage sale, the painting of almost every room in our house, replacing some furniture, renovating our patio door and deck and buying new accessories, drapes, rugs and couches.

Um, can someone let my husband know that I’m planning all this? Oh wait, that’s why he’s holding on to his wallet for dear life.

Dear husband, I’ll make it easy on you – I’ll start small.

How about a much needed owl?

So cute, right? How about two?

I couldn’t help myself – love me an owl.

Um, DARLING, do you mind helping me carry a little something from the van?

Oopsie…. I bought something a little bigger than an owl.

Blame the owl – I needed somewhere to put it.

New And Improved With A Side Of Owl

4th April 2011

Isn’t she bea-HOOT-iful.

I am so witty, no?

Welcome friendlies, to my new and improved blog!!

Thanks to the lovely Courtney of Judith Shakes Designs for her great work and patience with my mostly dumb questions. Sadly when it comes to this stuff, I need a Dummies book to understand the Dummies book.

I would also like to thank one of the sweetest people I know, Lynette of My Messy Paradise, who is always helpful, and just an overall sweetheart. Thanks Lynette for putting up with me!! I owe you a bucket of chocolate the next time I see you!!

Thank you so much for coming by to check things out! I’ve updated my About Me page and added some other new pages, along with a cute footer! I wanted something totally different, and was going for a very neat and tidy look because Martha and I are super close, and thought she would approve.


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