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14th July 2011

My four year old is obsessed with cats.


Obsessed in a way that mommy likes her lattes.

It’s serious.

All she talks about are her “kitties” and cats and how we “need to buy one!”

Thankfully (ahem), the four year old’s daddy is very allergic to cats. Like super allergic. Like so allergic that if he doesn’t start putting the clothes IN the hamper as opposed to on the floor next to it, he’s getting locked in a Room O’ Cats.

Not that I would ever consider such a thing.

Also, don’t hate me, but I am not a cat person.

I don’t HATE cats per se, but I don’t like them or want them in my house or want them coming anywhere near my personal space bubble.

Also, you couldn’t pay me enough money to clean up after a cat (or a dog for that matter). Seriously, I have wiped little people for seven years – I have paid my dues, people.

So yes, I have a little four year old who is DESPERATE for a cat – so desperate that she’s willing to trade in her daddy for a cat.

I know this because we’ve had that convo – many times. This makes me laugh – ’cause it’s funny.

Every chance she gets to make a wish, it’s always about the cat – “I wish I gets a cat. I wish my Mommy buys me a kitty. I wish my Daddy be no allergic.”

Not happening, little one.

But I love my kid. A lot. And I want all her dreams to come true. As long as her dreams don’t involve cats. And pageants.

So for now, I buy her happiness.

I buy her happiness with stuffed cats, because stuffed cats I LOVE.

The Kitty Wins

25th November 2010

My husband is allergic to anything hairy (not my legs, thankfully), so we can’t have pets, and cats are particularly bad for him. My four year old daughter asks for a “kitty” or “puppy” several times a week, and we have to keep reminding her that it’s not going to ever happen.

Today, my son got some cat stickers on his schoolwork as a reward, and my 4 year old noticed, and started to cry when she couldn’t peel them off. She immediately started to cry – LOUDLY.

It was lovely.

This is the conversation that followed:

Me: “Don’t cry, I’ll make sure that you have some kitten stickers in your stocking this year, ok?”


Me: “A real one?”


Me: “You can’t have a real one, Daddy is allergic. But I’ll get you some kitty stickers, ok?”

4yo: “I no care, I want a real kitty!”

Me: “We can’t have a real kitty.”


Nothing seemed to pacify her at this point, so I said this (in jest of course):

Me: “Ok, well, if Daddy and I start living in separate houses, then you can live with me and we’ll get a cat. Because the only way we can have a cat is if Daddy isn’t in the house, so we would have to make a tough choice.”


Me: “You choose a kitty over Daddy?”

4yo: “Yup. Let’s go buy a kitty now!”

Me: “Won’t you miss Daddy?”

4yo: “Not if I got a kitty, I won’t!!”

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