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A Brutal Couple of Weeks

29th March 2011

The last couple of weeks have been BRUTAL.

We decided to replace the gross, dirty, old, kid-destroyed carpet in our family. We had high hopes, we saved for it, and in the end, all we got was a huge mess and a crappy looking floor. Major suckage.

Of course, as with any reno, there is now this mess of old furniture and stuff that has migrated to a couple of other rooms. It seems like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get this place to look like the damn Pottery Barn catalogue. Totally depressing.

Then, the spouse is on his latest work trip  (3 weeks this time), and I’ve lost track but I think it’s the fourth trip in a row. Not a fan.

So, with everything going on with the house and being 24hrs/day mommy non-stop for weeks now, I of course, always come last.

So, I’ve fallen behind on the Ugi Fit after the initial first week. I’ll tell you something though – it is a hard workout, especially for someone who is just starting out (again). The plyometric type exercises are near impossible for me – I am out of shape after all. Because I’m finding it so difficult, I’ve decided that maybe supplementing it with walking on the treadmill, etc, will work better for me. For anyone who likes working out at home, and want something to add to their routine, Ugi Fit is a great choice.

Also, my kids made me watch Yogi Bear. TWICE.

Not sure how I survived.

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