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First Day Of School – Grade Three & Senior Kindergarten

6th September 2011

Another first day of school under our belt today – they look so much older than last year. It was a happy and bittersweet day – missing summer vacation already.

My son started Grade Three today, and we had a few tears at drop off when he discovered some of his good friends were now in the other class. He’s really happy with his teacher, and frankly I call that a win. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will have a happy seven year old. He’s super sensitive so I’m working hard to convince him that this is NOT the end of the world. I’m also really praying for a great year, with zero bullying bullshit to deal with. Yes I swore in a first day of school post – bullying will do that to a mom.

(rocking a classic case of bedhead – and yet still so cute)

My daughter who will be five this month, is now in Senior Kindergarten. This little girl takes everything in stride and although most of her last year friends have moved on to grade one, she’s still super excited about school.

I’m so proud of my little hyenas.

Wishing all of you and your kids a great school year!!

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