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Seven on the Seventh

7th December 2010

TODAY is my birthday!

SEVEN on the 7th!!!

You may have heard, but my mother adores me.

It might be my sense of humour – I make her giggle every day.

It might be because I love to read, and she is very proud that I’m such a good reader.

It might be because I’m great at math, and creative and smart and a future author and video game creator.

It might be because I hug my mommy all day long, and kiss her and tell her I love her non-stop.

It might be because she fixes all my new Lego sets, and only complains sometimes.

It might be because she took me to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday party and survived!

It might be because I promised her that I will always love her, even when I’m a teenager.

But if you ask my mom, she’ll tell you the real reason.

It’s because I’m her baby, her first born, her son.

And after 23 hours of hellish pain (“Mommy, that word is inappwopwiate!”), I was the angel that came into her life and changed everything – forever.

I was born 7 years ago at 12:06 a.m.

It’s MY Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Baby. xxooxx

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