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Shopping For A Birthday Present at Indigo Kids and a Giveaway! – CLOSED

5th March 2012

I was really happy to be chosen to write about Indigo Kids, because if you know me, you know that I spend an obscene amount of time at Chapters/Indigo, and when I have the kids with me, we always stop at Indigo Kids.

Our Indigo Kids location was actually recently renovated, and it is huge! There are places to enjoy hands-on play, room to participate in crafts and coloring, reading sections and endless shelving packed with books and toys. If you’re looking for a birthday gift for any child, odds are good you will find something perfect among the Indigo Kids shelves.

I headed to the store Sunday afternoon in search of a gift for my niece who was celebrating her 2nd birthday Sunday evening. With both kids in tow, we walked around for a bit first, so the kids could also have the chance to look at things. They seem to always hover around their favorite areas, in hopes that Mommy will be in the “let’s get something just because” kind of mood. Mommy is a bit of a pushover, so I get that look much more often than Daddy. (No such luck today – sorry kiddos!)

I checked out the sections geared towards the younger set, and also did a bit of a search on the computers that you’ll find though out the store. As soon as I saw the outdoor play items, I immediately knew what I wanted to buy the little one – some cute things from the Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch line. This is what I bought:

After I paid for the items and told the cashier that they were for a birthday present, she helpfully removed all the stickers, and put everything in a gift bag with tissue for me. Anything you purchase from Indigo Kids can be gift wrapped as well. During the holidays, this was super convenient, and I took advantage of it several times.

Some other great in-store benefits:

  • FREE GIFT WRAP (gift bags) is now available on kids’ purchases (as mentioned above).
  • Great book AND toy recommendations by age.
  • Wide, stroller-friendly aisles and colourful décor – a comfortable shopping experience for parents AND kids.
  • Earn plum rewards with virtually every purchase.

Of course, you can also shop the Indigo Kids products and books online where you’ll find:

  • Great recommendations by age
  • Gift wrap and personalize message available for $4.95
  • Free shipping on orders greater than $25

The gift was a big hit and my five year old informed me that she wants the whole lot as well. Awesome.

So, since I’ve talked about Indigo Kids so much, I would love to give you the chance to do some shopping of your own!


Enter to win a $35 gift card to Indigo Kids!


  • Please leave a comment below telling me why you love Indigo Kids or why shopping at Indigo Kids is helpful to you!


  • Tweet this and leave a comment below saying you did: Enter to win a @ChaptersIndigo gift card on @BOREDMommy ‘s blog – http://bit.ly/zHTspe #IndigoKids
  • Follow BORED Mommy’s Facebook page and leave a comment saying you did or already do!
  • Open to Canadian Residents only
  • You are welcome to enter this giveaway on other blogs as well, but can only win once.
  • Contest ends APRIL 30, 2012.
  • Winner will receive their prize within 4-6 weeks of the end of the contest.
  • Please remember to leave a valid email address and/or Twitter handle so that I’m able to contact you if you win.
Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Indigo Kids program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog, as always, are my own.

UPDATE: CONGRATS to the winner Karen Sugarpants – Thanks to everyone who entered!!

Journal Junkie

20th June 2011

I’m a total journal addict.

I can’t stop myself. Well, I can, but I don’t want to. If my husband asks, tell him it’s therapeutic or something.

They are all over the house, and most of them are untouched.

I actually find it very difficult to use the pretty journals – yes, I’m a weirdo.




















This is my latest buy – the cover says it all.

Oh, I also have a slight obsession with lip gloss – but I have no problem using those.

And what may I ask, have you been hoarding?

Change Is Good. Pricey, But Good.

1st June 2011

I’m tired, and slightly overwhelmed right now.

I’m in the process of planning a big purge, an even bigger garage sale, the painting of almost every room in our house, replacing some furniture, renovating our patio door and deck and buying new accessories, drapes, rugs and couches.

Um, can someone let my husband know that I’m planning all this? Oh wait, that’s why he’s holding on to his wallet for dear life.

Dear husband, I’ll make it easy on you – I’ll start small.

How about a much needed owl?

So cute, right? How about two?

I couldn’t help myself – love me an owl.

Um, DARLING, do you mind helping me carry a little something from the van?

Oopsie…. I bought something a little bigger than an owl.

Blame the owl – I needed somewhere to put it.

Shopping – It Takes a Plan

17th December 2009

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when I bow to the man in the red suit. I LOVE the holidays – love them. One of my favourite things to do during the holidays is shop – love that some more. As any mommy may appreciate, I find it especially enjoyable when I get to do it ALONE. Being a stay-at-home mom, I relish the little alone time I have, what can I tell you.

After years of practice, I have discovered the necessities I need to have with me, when I’m about to go on a shopping marathon. If armed with these must-have items, I can ensure a successful shopping trip. In the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to share them with you – consider it my gift to you. You are so welcome.

1. A Shopping List – Don’t go anywhere until you have an organized and complete list. I find it’s an absolute necessity because it often guilts me into focusing on the task at hand. YOU NEED TO FOCUS! This is NOT the time to buy yourself another sweater!

2. Comfortable shoes – Its all about a cute flat, don’t you think? I totally believe that if your feet look cute, your shopping experience will be that much more comfortable. But more importantly, your feet will look cute and what’s better than that?

3. Cell phone – Despite the much appreciated alone time, as a mom, you are on-call all the time (I am anyway). Don’t forget your phone! How else will the hubs call to annoy you/ask redundant questions/find out how much you’re spending? More importantly, you can’t TWEET without it! Don’t be crazy – just take the phone with you!

4. Credit Card – My word of advice regarding the credit card is to APOLOGIZE before you leave the house – that way you don’t have to do it when you come home.

5. Reusable Totes – Caring for the environment is very chic these days.  I personally like the totes that fold up really small and fit in your handbag. Then you can use the money you save not having to buy the plastic bags, to buy my next must-have.

6. A Latte – Mummy needs a latte! PRONTO! and that’s all I have to say about that.

7. A Picture of your ChildrenIt could take HOURS to get your shopping done, and you don’t want to forget what your kids look like, do you?

8. PURELL Disinfect to protect yourself, your babes, and your pets – before, during and after your shopping expedition. Bring an extra bottle so you can squirt it at people who cough in your general direction.

9. GUM – Because nothing says gross like garlic breath.

10. A BIG, FABULOUS HANDBAG – My theory is the bigger the handbag, the more crap you can put in it (I AM A GENIUS!). Seriously, my handbag can hold a ton! Why carry a diaper bag, when you can just throw it all in a cute handbag. You may not know this, but cute handbags make the world go round. Google it. I swear its true. (P.S. if you have to Google it, you are missing out my lady friend).

So, that’s it. You’ve read the list and now you are ready! I have every confidence that you will go out there, shop like its 1999 and find the perfect gifts. Now go on – SHOP! You can thank me later. I’m always looking for another cute sweater. I could also really use some flats and a hot handbag while you’re at it.


(Please Note: You may have noticed that I used the word “cute” in this post WAY too many times. If you are allergic to the word cute, be advised, this post may make you break out in hives. It may also induce spontaneous vomiting. Just sayin.)


17th July 2009

Don’t you find that there are certain memories that define moments in your life. They are those moments that make you smile and remember a memory in your childhood that no one else has. I was thinking about one of those moments today.

It was Christmas and I was around ten years old, so my little sister would then have been about five. We are the two youngest siblings, and have basically been treated like twins our entire life (despite the 5 year age difference). Anyway, my Mom, Dad, Sister and I headed to this store that existed back in the day called Sentry (think old school KMART). We loved going there, because the toy section was AMAZING. It was huge – a Barbie mecca. We also liked this store because it had a little cafe in it owned by this Greek couple my parents had known for years. They were sweethearts – they would always treat us to something yummy, and pinch our cheeks constantly. We loved them. We also enjoyed it because my parents would sit and have coffee with them and allow us to hang out in the nearby toy section at the same time. Coming from a strict upbringing, this was HEAVEN.

This day however, was a little different. We all walked over to the cafe and sat down. But my dad had a surprise for us. As I said, it was Christmas time and we were in for the best surprise ever. My dad told me and my sister to go get a cart and bring it back. So we did. When we returned, my dad told us to take the cart to the toy section and fill it with whatever we wanted for Christmas. He said that as long as it fit in the cart and we really wanted it, then those would be our Christmas gifts from them.

Our heads nearly exploded. We couldn’t believe our ears – we totally freaked out. So off we went, contemplating his every word:

“As long as it fits in the cart and you really want it, you can have it”

We were beyond excited. So off we went. We walked aisle to aisle, scanning all the goods first (I was a methodical child, what can I tell you). Then we hit them hard. We grabbed board games, art supplies, and toys that I can’t even remember. But then we entered – THE BARBIE AISLE – the toys we coveted the most. We grabbed everything we could, but there was a problem starting to emerge. The cart was full, even with everything nicely stacked. So we put some toys in the bottom of the cart. We wedged them in there so tight it was going to be hard to get them out. But we were greedy little people, and we kept remembering what our dad had said,

“As long as it fits in the cart and you really want it, you can have it”

And then, the lightbulb went off. We figured that if we could add to the cart by carefully piling  more toys on top of what we already had, it was “technically” still in the cart. So that’s what we did. We began making this precarious Barbie tower that was high, ridiculously so. We had no idea if we would even be able to move the cart, but we were going to damn well try! When we were finally done, the boxes went well beyond my height. I had my little sister commandeer the front, while I pushed from behind.

So off we went, moving at a snail’s pace, inching towards the cafe. It took forever it seemed, but we knew we were close, when we heard this burst of laughter coming from our parents and their friends. They could not stop laughing – I’m sure it didn’t help that we just stared at them with our sucky faces, hoping for the best. We figured either they were going to tell us to dream on, or they would ask us to put some back and start over. So what actually happened? My mom and dad stood up, said goodbye to their friends, and told them they had to go because they needed to go pay for all of our stuff. That’s right – my parents walked us over to the registers, and bought us every last thing in that cart. It was a moment that both my sister and I have never forgotten.

Thinking about it now, I truly believe that’s why they let us get away with that. It wasn’t because they wanted just to spoil us, although clearly we were spoiled. It was because they saw that absolute joy and excitement in our eyes that they too felt at that moment. They gave us that moment because they knew it would be one we would cherish always. And they were right.

Punky Jane is my homegirl

14th July 2009

I recently discovered this great jewellery designer thanks to Twitter – Punky Jane Jewellery. She specializes in hand crafted and personalized jewellery, so I checked out her website and discovered that she does these great mommy necklaces. I’ve wanted one for a long time and I really liked what I saw in her Etsy shop, so I went ahead and bought myself one. I just received it today, and I’m so glad I went with PunkyJane. I LOVE IT. Its called the Sweet Stack of handstamped and personalized dics necklace, and I personalized it with my children’s names. Here’s a pic (please note my AMAZING styling abilities):


I ordered the necklace with the three discs, in the brushed finish with the 20″ sterling silver chain. As you can see, I have my son’s name on the largest disc, my daughter’s name on the middle disc, and I chose to inscribe “MY BABIES” on the smallest. I adore it!

I also want to thank Sandy for donating a Gift Certificate to my upcoming Holy Crap I’m Old Birthday Giveaway!! to be posted on Wednesday. Thanks Sandy!!

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