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Siblings – Love and Rivalry

8th June 2011

Look at these little sweeties.

I made them.

I am aces at creating humans.


But, I cannot lie – the little people confuse me.

They operate on two spectrums – love and fight.

When they’re in each other’s good books, they can play for HOURS, they laugh, they giggle, they are a dream.

When they’re fighting, it’s this continuous banter of ” Go away, you’re bothering me, I wish I had a sister, don’t touch my toys, leave me alone, that’s mine!”

It would drive any sane person to drink. Heavily. This is why I can’t quit the Diet Coke & Starbucks – they are my vodka.

Coming from a family of five kids, I knew that sibling bickering and rivalry would be a given, but I had no idea it would start this early. And let’s be honest, it can only get worse with age, right?

I’m going to have to move out when they hit teenager. And buy super-powered earplugs.

Oh, and I plan on billing them for each gray hair I find from now on until they move out.

I’m nice like that.

Brothers & Sisters – Brother #2

4th August 2009

Two brothers. Two sisters. And me.

I’m number 4.

Two away from being the Greek Brady Bunch. Oh Alice!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Sister#1 – The oldest
  • Brother#1- Four  years later
  • Brother#2 – Three years later
  • Sister#2 (me) – Four years later
  • Sister#3 – Five years later

Having alot of siblings was great. Always someone to play with, hangout with, watch tv with, and of course, fight with; when we were younger anyway. As you get older, its just more people that you have to convince that you’re not lying about where you were, who you were with and why.

I will admit though, there are so many funny memories. Enough to fill my entire blog – forever.

So I thought I would pick a sibling to chitty chat about – and the winner is: Brother #2.

Brother #2 is a character – he’s funny and a talker (and that is an understatement). We got along great when we were young, we still do. There are many little moments I remember that make me smile or laugh out loud. But I’ll only share a few:

  • We used to have a share a bedroom at one point – he hated it, but I thought it just made me cooler, so I loved it.
  • We were sitting across from each other at the kitchen table doing our homework one afternoon. He was annoying me, so I threw a pen at his head, and I kid you not, it stuck into the side of his head. I thought it was simultaneously amazing and the funniest thing I had ever seen. He saw it otherwise. So did my mother – she freaked big time. You would have thought I had thrown a javeline at his head.
  • He introduced me to NBA Basketball – we use to watch tons of games. I could proudly name and identify most players at the time, and during the FINALS, we were both firmly planted in front of the television.
  • I would like to thank him/blame him for my Diet Coke addiction – he used to drink it by the bucket. I remember trying it once and thinking it was disgusting. He told me I would like it eventually. UNDERSTATEMENT.
  • When we were young, swearing was not tolerated in our house. Saying DAMN was like punching God in the face to my parents (not ok – just to clarify). He was always trying to get me to swear, so he could get me in trouble. I remember once, he got me so angry, that he got me to say the F-word out loud. As soon as I said it, he got this HUGE grin on his face, then called out, “MAAAAAAAAAAAAA” – My mother’s head nearly exploded when he told her. He just kept smiling his Cheshire cat smile.
  • He used to do this thing, I have no idea why or when it started, but it would make us laugh hysterically. He would act like he was going to fake head butt me, in this very dramatic way, while saying, “KAAAA DOOOOSH!” I know you had to be there.
  • We also made up this song that we would sing (and yes, you had to be there). It involved a leg, an industrial accident and some blood – TRUST ME – it was funny (to us anyway).
  • I remember this one time he was going to see Red Dawn in the movie theatre (HELL I’M OLD!) and my mother made him take me along. He was pissed. When we got to the theatre, it was packed. And, he made me sit ALONE. During THAT movie, I had to sit ALONE – he was such a jerk. Then after the movie, we forgot about all that, and just talked about how cool the movie was. We got over things pretty quickly.
  • I remember helping him edit his University papers when I was still in high school, because he really needed some of my brilliance back then. I had enough to share.

Yup, so where is Brother #2 now? He had to grow up, and get married and have cute babies just like the rest of us. He still makes me laugh hysterically, and the cool thing is – he thinks I’m funny too. The really cool thing is, I’m funnier than him now.

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