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And Then She Turned Six

27th September 2012

My sweet baby girl is six today!

She’s given me six years of joy and love, and an endless supply of wet smoochy kisses.

She makes me laugh out loud with her hilarious observations and her snarky attitude.

She is helpful and polite and such a lovely little soul.

She’s everyone’s friend, but don’t mess with her because she won’t put up with it.

She loves to read and sing and shake her little booty constantly. Her joy and fun nature is absolutely contagious.

She adores her brother, her partner in crime, her best friend.

She has the kindest heart, and cares for others with such empathy and innocence.

She is the life of the party.  I could not love her more if I tried.

She is absolute joy. My absolute joy.

Happy Birthday Sunshine. Love you forever.

R.I.P. Swimmy

20th September 2010

My son’s fish died last night.

I blame the husband.

When I was in NYC for Blogher last month, my husband thought it was a good idea to go out and buy the six year old a fish, to teach him responsibility. I think he did it because I wasn’t around to stop him. He gets so ballsy when I’m too far away to stop him from being all autonomous and shit.

So, I got home from NYC, and the first thing I see is a little blue fish in this tank and a very smiley boy, showing off Swimmy.

Swimmy. Named after the fish on I Carly.

Yes, my kids know that show exists. Big parenting failure on my part.

Most annoying t.v. show ever.

Anywho, the fish is no longer. Seems it up and DIED for some reason.

I’m not going to lie – I totally predicted it happening. It’s a fish after all. I’m not all that heartbroken about it either – sadly can’t say the same for the six year old.

He cried himself to sleep last night.

My husband’s idea of making him feel better? Telling him that he could get a new fish today, because evidently pet fish are a dime a dozen.


I may not be weeping over Swimmy the fish, but the least we can do is not replace him the next day, like I replaced that high school jock boyfriend with the rocker, troublemaking dude, pretty much the second he up and dumped me because I sucked at sports. Rocker dude was so much hotter by the way. Good times.

Personally I think we should immortalize Swimmy by filling his tank with Legos and then NEVER replacing him.

Seriously, let’s show Swimmy some respect.

Also, I hate fish.

Happy Birthday Baby

7th December 2009

I can’t believe my baby is 6 today. He’s the love of my life. My forever baby.

I would do anything for him, and before he was born, I truly didn’t understand that statement. But now, I am fierce in my protection of him (and his sister).

He makes me laugh every day  with his funny statements, his “Bwooklyn” accent, and his infectious giggles. I love that he loves and needs my love and hugs and kisses, as much as I do from him.

My little six year old man, who changed me forever, and still challenges me on a daily basis.

My “bunny” who filled my house with Star Wars and Lego and Pokemon Cards, and whose favorite saying is, “Wanna play with me?”

I love you my baby.

Happy Birthday.

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