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Music….makes my little people….come together

5th November 2009

My little people LOVE music. Love it. But they’re not fans of “kid’s music” – they love the good stuff. Here’s a sampling of sometheir favorites.


ABBA is big right now – you may or may not have seen their videos of them singing here and here. They are big fans of the Mamma Mia soundtrack, with Our Last Summer and Money, Money, Money being their first choices, although they really enjoy the entire album.

Kelly Clarkson:

They really love the new cd, with I Do Not Hook Up being their favorite song. Its really funny to hear a three year old singing, “Oh Sweetheart, put the bottle down. You’ve got too much talent”. Except when she sings it, it sounds more like, “Oh Sweettart, put the ball low down. You gots too much tawent.”


Our family loves us some Madonna. We have set up our iPods to play in the kitchen, and we frequently put on our latest favorite really loud and just dance around. Madonna is big for us because her songs “last a long time” according to my five year old son. Although we adore her new song, Celebration, the big winner and a favorite to sing to is Hung Up. My son loves it. My son’s favorite line in this one is, “Every little thing that you say or do, I’m hung up, I’m hung up on you.” His version? “Evewy little fing that you say or do, I’m hung up, I’m hunging up on you.”

This Little Light of Mine

Who doesn’t adore this song? My daughter sings this to herself all the time. I heard her singing it to herself the other night while she was in her new big girl bed, and my heart melted. If she sees you looking at her when she’s singing, she gets all bashful, and covers her face with her hands. Its beyond adorable.

George Harrison

Yup, they adore his voice. They first discovered Here Comes the Sun when they saw the Bee Movie for the first time. When their daddy played the George Harrison version, they immediately recognized it, and have asked to hear it again and again ever since.

The Beatles

When my son was first born, my husband who is an avid Beatles fan, would play their music while holding our baby in his arms. He did this for years – and my son LOVES the Beatles because of it. I have videos of him singing Hey Jude like a little pro, complete with the little people lisp that we all adore. In fact for years, and even today, whenever we hear a Beatles song in a store or on the radio whether its a remake or not, he immediately recognizes it, and yells out, “Hey, that’s the Beatles!”

It’s funny, but this favorites list could go on and on, and I really love that. I love that they appreciate music and the joys of just letting loose and dancing around all silly and having a blast while doing it. I challenge you to put on some music when you are feeling completely defeated, exhausted and/or pissed off, and just dance around with the little people and you will feel so much better in the end. Its good for the booty too.

I would love to hear what some of your kid’s favorites are too!

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